Looking for Developer partner for SaaS/ Browser extension

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a developer partner to bring one of my research project to life. This is a validated problem in the design space and requires creative execution to get it off the ground.

You are a great fit if :
You are a great front end developer(React.JS/Vanilla.Js / CSS)
Have some experience creating Browser extensions (not a must, but willing to learn).
Understands Firebase or AWS.
Flexible and willing to be a thought partner.
Understand web scrapping with Javascript.

Product Business Model - Freemium / Ad revenue / Community
Target Audience - Design community / Startups / Students / Indie Hackers

What I bring on board:
I am a product designer who understands indie hacking.
Understands growth hacking and some marketing
Access to potential users who will be interested.
Knows a bit of front end development frameworks (more like a product manager)
Understand analytics and how to translate product data into actionable strategies.

You can reach me on Twitter @princeowusuatta or email me at [email protected] |

PS. I mentioned community in the business model because even if this product is created for free, it has the potential to help us build a great community that other projects can be marketed to.

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    i am just looking for who to partner with.

    I have knowledge on HTML, CSS and Js. I am currently learning react.js. I am an android dev so basically i have worked with firebase.

    Generally i am available to work with someone to create something cool.

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      @Wamiikechukwu Great. Kindly shoot me an email for a quick call.

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