Remote Workers May 30, 2020

Looking for digital marketer remote worldwide


I'm struggling to find a digital marketer so I'm coming here to see if I can get some help.

I run several SaaS projects and I'm looking for a freelance part-time or full-time digital marketer, which can be located anywhere in the world (all the team is remote).

The main objective is to bring users to the different SaaS that we run. Should be done via paid ads and via organic traffic (so posting in Quora, forums, blog posts, communities, etc). I'm looking for someone proactive.

Does anyone have a recommendation of someone that can do this? Or is anyone interested in working with us? (we are a small remote team).

Thank you in advance!

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    If the position is still open, I would love to offer my help. Let me know.

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    I have 12-year Experience in Digital Marketing.

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    Hey aji,

    I'm interested to work as digital marketing managing Google ads, Facebook ads and all sorts of ppc management and other social media marketing.

    Disclaimer :To Be honest I never had a corporate marketing experience, I do this for side hustle.
    If you planning to hire me don't pay me unless you're happy.


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      hey Aura, thanks for your message and for your offer to work without getting paid if I'm not happy but I'm looking with someone with some experience on SaaS so it can bring some knowledge and expertise to what I do now.