Looking for Feedback

Hi there,
I am Software Engineer by profession and new to product building.

I have started working on a product which helps in creating personalized video forms.

Website: https://www.personaltouch.rocks

Why did I create this product?

Everyone loves a personal touch. I created this product, so the people collecting information over the internet can create forms with personalized videos to collect information which will help in creating better relationships and trust.

Product Use Cases

1. Content Download Forms
Create more personalized forms for sharing content and collecting user information
2. Newsletter Subscription
Let your subscriber know about you and how much your subscriber mean to you
3. Survey
Create feedback/testimonials forms and do the survey at a more personalized level
4. Event Registration
Give a prior introduction before the event, and invite them personally
5. Interview Screening
Screen candidates by introducing yourself and collect video answers from them

A sample feedback form I created for product feedback

Product Hunt Launch: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/personalized-video-forms


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    Hey @aayushsinha44

    My first though was, wow, you create a video based on the feedback. That would be cool. Like: hey [my name] thank for filling out the form.

    The copy in the first few sentences is confusing to me: "personalised video forms", "forms with personalised videos", "we are there to help to creating personalised forms"
    So what is it? Forms or video's or form videos?

    What does this mean?: "Give a prior introduction you before the event, and invite them personally"

    What is the difference between "Starter Forms" and "Enterprise Custom forms"

    The feedback form doesn't work in Firefox. The scrolling is not working.


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      Even I have in mind to figure out a way, to create such a thing where videos can be personalized without being a significant difference.

      The copy in the first few sentences is confusing to me: "personalised video forms", "forms with personalised videos", "we are there to help to creating personalised forms"
      So what is it? Forms or video's or form videos?

      This is a great observation. I simply went ahead wrote whatever came to mind first. But you are correct I need to correct these sentences without any ambiguity.

      What does this mean?: "Give a prior introduction you before the event, and invite them personally"

      There was a typo here. Fixed

      What is the difference between "Starter Forms" and "Enterprise Custom forms"

      Two pricing plans. Just wanted to have something. I will add it eventually

      The feedback form doesn't work in Firefox. The scrolling is not working.

      This was working for me. Anyways I will look into it.

      Thanks for your observation. I really appreciate it.

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        Alright, but what is the difference between "Starter Forms" and "Enterprise Custom forms" You should explain this somewhere.

        Some other feedback:

        5 Forms, 10 videos. Is that total? So I can ask only one question per form? Because you already have the intro video.

        Loading the videos above the question takes some time, which is fine. But I don't like the loading spinner being smaller than the video, this makes the content jump down once the video is loaded.

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          Thanks for the spinner review. I will take care of it.

          The pricing is not decided yet. I have just added it for time being. I will address this soon.

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        I've posted a page roast question of my own on https://www.indiehackers.com/post/landing-page-feedback-62993b6ccf

        Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Hey, interesting concept and proof of work, congrats on getting your idea out there!

    One little nitpick: on your landing page, your nav links lead to # instead of the relevant sections. Also I didn't immediately know that I should have clicked the example, but you've already added the "Click It" indicator so that's a start. In the sample form it's auto-start either way, so that's nice!

    I think it'd be great to have some more examples that are themed for certain use-cases that a personalized touch could do well in. There's already some use-cases on your site, but that would make them much more understandable! This would also help push users to sign up I guess. Maybe you could also add information on the user-perspective of creating such a form (what do I need to do to create the video snippets etc.). Another way would be to try out the form creation and then only sign up once I want to post the form.

    Cheers, Fabio

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      Hey Fabio,
      Thanks for such encouraging and useful feedback.

      I would create some more forms depicting the use cases. I really loved the part, create form and then sign up if you want to share.

      I was not sure about the idea, so I went ahead with the product hunt launch to see how people react. But you have suggested some good next pointers.

      Thanks again

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    Awesome product, I did enjoy the process and truly the video helped me go through the form from start to finish.

    Things to Note:

    1. The place you have your "Try For Free" you should have a "See For Yourself" or "Use Case" that takes the user to the video you have below. I was struggling to understand until I scrolled down.

    2. The video on the form, provide a means to actually move the video to a certain minute. There was one were I didn't hear you clearly at the end of the video, and I had to rewatch just to get that part.

    3. Also, there is no clear sign that one can replay the record, by clicking on the video icon.

    4. Provide a link to a "How to Use/ Demo" page where if they click on it, you would have a short walkthrough video, showing how to quickly make a record.

    5. Also after one completes the demo you have on your, add a button stating "Try For Yourself", clicking on it would take them through the process, and then before they save, you can take them to the signup page. This would make onboarding sweet.

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      Thanks for these awesome ideas man. These small changes can create differences. You are indeed creative, @CreativeJoe

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    Hi Aayush. Personal touch sounds like an interesting concept. But

    1. Call to actionS are too small and easy to overlook
    2. In business you need to be a painkiller, not a vitamin. Right now, from my ignorant point of view, this seems like a Typeform clone where you can attach a video to a question

    I like how you display the product functionality on the front page tho.

    If #2 is false, then try to redesign your page so ignorant people like me understand(basically most of the internet nowadays). If it's true, see what you can do better than Typeform or google form. And don't add just a little quirk, that wouldn't motivate the user to switch its workflow(think how better discord had to be in order to kill skype)

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      Hey Totolici,
      I really appreciate your honest and the same time motivating feedback. Loved your concept of painkillers and vitamins. It is going to stay with me forever.

      It's a starting point in building a generic form that would look like Typeform with videos. The point I am targeting is the use case with content download forms, event registration forms, surveys, etc. But again I still need to consider wherever I am going is it a vitamin or painkiller.

      Some work is still to do from my end. Thanks again for your feedback.

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    Hey 👋
    Great video 👍
    Good luck building this out - cool idea!

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      Thanks for the support

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