Landing Page Feedback May 15, 2019

Looking for feedback about the design and the whole concept


Hello, I'm looking for feedback on my website. Do you think the concept is easy to grasp by just looking at the site? What do you think about the concept itself? Can you see yourselves using it? What would you like to see to use it?


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    Hey @WishRider3000 - Some honest feedback. I could not figure out what the concept was just by looking at the site. I read your Medium post and gained a better understanding. I think with this concept, you need to ease people in slowly.

    Right now, your UI has everything front and center. You have chat, feeds, status updates, multiple nav, all based on a concept "wishes" that people don't understand yet. I would put as much effort as possible into paring back and making it overly easy to identify the core of what this is - content that people consciously want to consume. A platform to bring creators and consumers of that content together.

    Add some language that emotes the core idea/benefit. Make that language enforce the brand. Instead of "Send a content wish", go for something like "What do you wish you could see, right now?" When people wish they could have something, it comes from an emotional place. Create some emotion around it.

    As far as the concept goes, I think it could be interesting. Kind of a gig content platform. Reminds me a bit of Patreon and Facebook mashed together.

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      Thank you very much @dmontooth, you are like a magical feedback oracle :)

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        haha. I hope it helps and wish you luck. If you need help or other thoughts, feel free to reach out.