Looking for feedback on a note-taking tool focused on your personal interests.

I want to get feedback on whether people would see themselves using Recall.

Recall is a note-taking tool focused on growing, connecting and organizing information on your interests. It allows you to create editable notes from online data sources (Wikipedia, Good Reads, IMDB etc.), which are then automatically categorized into a standard information schema (schema.org) and connected to your existing notes with bi-directional links.

You can try it out here: https://recall.wiki


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    It looks like a cool idea, there are similar products all around the web. They're not focusing on your space, but here are some came to my mind;

    They're not the same but for me they almost solve the save problem for me. I'd not be the best candidate for this , but if you want I can elaborate on my experience and use cases.

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      Thanks for taking the time to look at Recall, I really appreciate it.

      Yeah, I have tried Roam and Obsidian both of which I think are great. Their learning curves are quite steep though, so my aim for Recall is to be more accessible for the average user who just wants to have an enriched watch list/reading list/etc in one place and find connections between everything they add. At least this is my initial focus group.

      I would love to hear more on your use-cases? And what your primary tool is for solving it.

      Thanks for sharing Golden, I had never seen it before. It looks very interesting - I will try it out. Memex is also a great tool.

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        I would love to hear more on your use-cases? And what your primary tool is for solving it.

        Shot me DM on Twitter, or send me an email.

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    You seem to have a nice features in the app.
    However, I would not use it. I say this because won't even consider not having local files like in Obsidian. And this is a growing importance for some people.
    Yet, there is a big market probably open to apps like Recall. Wish you success with this app :)

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      Thanks @tiagosilva for the feedback, I think this is a very good point. For what its worth, Recall stores all your data in IndexedDB in the browser and is only backed up to Firebase for syncing so in a future version you will be able to fully use recall offline. I know its not the same as having md file on filesystem but I think it does provide some sense of relief. It also means that Recall is really fast and feels like a native app.

      I am also working on export to md and a few other formats to make it easy to backup or switch to another app.

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        My preference for local files is that I can access them at any time without internet. And I'm not locked into a specific app.
        I've seen reports of the pain it is to take 10 years of notes away from Evernote and I don't want to go through that.
        One thing to have in mind is that you don't need to go for this route. Look at Notion for example.
        Different folks have different needs. Also, some people couldn't care less about local files

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    What's your email

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    I'd use this for researching a topic, discovering related information, and then sharing it. For example when creating a Blog Post quickly. The feature I'd need is the ability to publish/share what I collected.

    Another problem you solve would be the need for students to quickly create reports on topics. Again, sharing would be key.

    I'd also steer messaging towards defining needs that are solved. Use cases.

    Nice work!

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      Thanks @wirewalker, I am thrilled to hear that you would use it. Basic sharing of a note (plus connected notes) is on the roadmap and I can add it quite easily.

      Full-on multi-player like you have in a Google doc is a lot more work and would I will only implement it much further down the road.

      I am also busy working on use-cases for the website. Should be up in a few days. I want to create pre-populated databases for a few of popular use-cases so people can just click a link and go into the app (without signing up) with to try out the use-case.

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