Landing Page Feedback November 23, 2020

Looking for feedback on my landing page for crypto traders application


Hi, I am looking for feedback on landing page for cryptocurrency traders application -

Currently I have shown it only to a handful of people, so I haven't really "launched" it per se. I realize this is probably not the best place to ask for feedback on this kind of application, since I don't think many traders hang out in Indie Hackers, but do you get the idea what it does? Would you change anything about landing page or overall design wise?

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    This doesn't look like a landing page (which is supposed to explain what your product is), but the product itself (a demo of the app). What I'd really like to see on a landing page is: what problem you're solving, for whom, and why you're different.

    From playing with it I think it's a simple automation of some very basic actions like 'buy at this price, sell at that price'. Is this something you yourself need? Or are there any potential customers that asked you for this? There are many groups, forums and telegram channels with traders so I'd recommend going there and asking for feedback.

    I've built an algo-trading platform that made more than 100K trades last year with custom trading scripts in JS, so I've got some context. My view is that there quickly comes hunger for more and more features (what @simplisticallysimple dips the toes into), and you end up with either total bloat of buttons, or programs in plain scripting language. So I think you should really seriously validate what you're building with real traders, and only build what they will actually use and pay for.

    Good luck!

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    I've been a crypto trader for years, so hopefully my opinion holds some weight:

    1. Is this connected to any exchange API, or is it just a calculator of sorts?

    Does it execute the trade automatically in the background?

    That makes a huge difference to the usefulness of this tool.

    2. If yes, does it notify you when a trade is executed?

    People change their minds all the time.

    Sometimes their trading setup is invalidated, other times they might want to use their capital elsewhere because of a better opportunity (even if it's just sitting it out).

    3. Can you build something that will execute sells based on certain parameters?

    Setting a static exit number isn't useful; I can do that on my own trading app.

    What would be useful is if you can connect to the Binance/Coinbase/what-have-you API and set sell orders dynamically based on chosen parameters, e.g.:

    • Fib numbers (layer sell orders based on certain fib levels)
    • Set trailing stops where I can choose how often I want to update my stops ("every 12 hours"), what indicators to use (e.g. "$10/100 sats/20% below 50 EMA on the 4H time frame"), etc.
    • Set limit sells where I can choose how often I want to update my limits ("every 12 hours"), what indicators to use (e.g. "$50/200 sats/40% above 21 EMA on the 30m time frame"), etc.

    From what I know, most traders monitor their charts manually to seek an entry point, so that's not really something that we should automate.

    But setting the sells, that's something computers can do much better than humans.

    I'd sleep much better knowing I have trailing stops in place or ambitious limit sells to capture any parabolic moves while I'm sleeping, working, outside, etc.

    Let me know what you think.

    PS Apologies for deviating so much, but this would be a game-changer if you can build it.

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      Thank you for the thorough feedback, simplisticallysimple.

      1. Is this connected to any exchange API, or is it just a calculator of sorts?
      It is connected with Binance API to get price feed for different trading pairs. Currently it only has a paper trading mode, so currently it can’t be used to create real money trades. A lot of work goes into making it work with real money trades, so I want to validate first if people are interested in this kind of application before developing it.

      The main point of the application right now is that you can easily see what would your potential profit/loss, position size etc. be with defined capital, risk percentage, entry, stop, exit and you can see your profit/loss in real time after creating the trade. So yes, it is basically a calculator, which also executes trades exactly like it would with real trades. It changes trade status automatically, it has 3 status modes – WAITING ENTRY, WAITING EXIT and FINISHED. Once trade is finished you can also see at what price the trade ended. The trades created with the trade builder are also easily shareable with others like that – (it creates a new shareable link for every trade), so I thought if people want to discuss different trades to make and see how they have been going it would be great tool for that.

      Of course I want to develop real money trading mode for it as well, but not before I see that people are interested in it.

      2. If yes, does it notify you when a trade is executed?
      Currently it doesn’t notify when trade is executed, but that is definitely a feature that should be added (and also a option to cancel the trade before it is executed and exit the trade while it is in process).

      3. Can you build something that will execute sells based on certain parameters?
      I love the idea and it is definitely doable. I guess the only issue with that is that there are many different ways people want to calculate their trailing stops.

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    It's very hard to understand what the tool does for a generic person like me with only a few BTCs....

    Also if you're not a financial-lingo-speaker it's impossible to figure out what I have to input as numbers, I got to step 4 and then closed the tab

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      with only a few BTCs

      Wow. Look who's Mr Moneybags.

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