Ideas and Validation February 16, 2020

Looking for feedback on my new product for developers


I've currently been working on my new product for software/web developers and am looking for feedback on the idea/website, if anyone here is a developer themselves it would be even more helpful. DevCircle is a web application where developers can search for software companies, and find reviews on them categorised by the attributes that are important to developers i.e. coding standards, tech stack, growth & learning etc. Reviews are submitted anonymously by real developers that are either currently working or previously worked at the company to ensure the authenticity of the information. The aim of the product is to enable full transparency within the software industry, and help developers find companies that are the perfect fit for their preference.

You can view a sample company page at

It's currently possible to submit reviews, but I'm still yet to pull the reviews through so they actually appear on the company pages as the development of the product is ongoing.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Cool idea! If you want to get detailed feedback on your website check us out at My partner and I will be giving live feedback all day for the next week :)

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    This sounds quite similar to key values by @lynnetye
    How does it differ, because its not just about hiring?

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    Awesome idea. I would love to see "coding standards" broken down even further. For example, test coverage and things like branching/review/merge strategy can reveal a lot.

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    Information regarding the technology in use by the company will likely be protected under standard employee contracts - employees divulging this information would be in violation of those agreements.

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      I'll need to look further into this, but I didn't know whether this would be a problem seeing as they would just be selecting from an array of common web technologies/languages that are available for use by anyone. Also these things would be outlined in job postings from the companies when they're looking to hire developers so is that kind of information really that protected?

      Other than this, do you have any other thoughts on the product idea?