Landing Page Feedback October 25, 2020

Looking for feedback on my reworked landing page (Plainee)


Hi all !

One week ago I launched my first product (Plainee) and posted here but it didn't felt like it had some traction.

I also posted on HN from where I got the idea that my landing answers only on WHY does my product exist, but doesn't show HOW it works and WHAT it offers.

After one week of functional updates and tweaks - I decided that now is the time to refresh the landing page and this is how it looks like:

Old landing (screenshot) vs New landing

Looking for feedback on landing /project idea

Thank you!

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    Hey mate, that's really nice what you've done on the landing page layout.

    To be honest it wasn't until I read this bit that the usefulness of it clicked in my mind how it would be helpful.
    Save meeting data into a docx or pdf file, so you can review it later.

    So basically the purpose is to track and manage the meta information of meetings so that it can be managed better?

    I just wonder if there is a way to demonstrate that in perhaps like a table format. For example, if I do a group meeting with zoom/skype, I don't have;
    A real time counter
    A way to collect essential info on the existence of that meeting

    And your other features.

    Maybe I'm slower than other people to figure it out!

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      Thank you for the feedback!

      "So basically the purpose is to track and manage the meta information of meetings so that it can be managed better?"

      Yes, and in result your meetings become way more productive :)

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        Your welcome. What did you use to make the landing page in?

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          I use as a CSS Framework. It's very flexible and it's easy to find various usage examples, and let's say even like this:

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            Thanks for that. I need to get my website modernized, it's not my main channel though.

            Just curious who are the main competitors for Plainee, does Microsoft Teams offer something similar?

            For myself, I would usually only do meetings with 1 person at a time, but I can see the usefulness in this. Usually what I do at the moment, throughout the week as ideas come up that I want to discuss, I use a very cutting edge tool to write them into, a new Gmail message saved as a draft!

            Then in the meeting, I open up a Google drive document in real time, and usually call it the name of the person I'm meeting with, project name, and a date. And punch out stuff into that.

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              Regarding competitors, maybe Microsoft Teams, maybe Notion. But I guess they may also do a lot more than Plainee, and maybe they do something different.

              On the other side, I tried to help people focus on the meeting process itself and not get distracted, so they have everything in place: Agenda, Timer, Notes, Real time sharing, templates and so on.

              Today I found a project, also from an Indie Hacker - , which basically has the same idea but maybe with less features.

              Regarding your use case - you can try Plainee for that, create a meeting/template for such meetings, add some preparation notes and when you'll need to have the meeting - just run it and if you want - share the link with other participant so the can see how the meeting goes :)

              At the end you can export the file as a docx a and upload it to drive or even copy the content right from the editor and put it into a google doc (in this case - all styles will be saved properly)

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