Looking for feedbacks of my app :) Thanks!

👋 Hi everybody!

I just launched my app on Google Play

Any feedbacks are welcome! 🙏

Are the icon & screenshots catching your eyes?

Thanks in advance!

If you have any landing page or MVP, just leave a link and I'll check it out too! ✨

Have a good day!

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    Just saw your app on Play store.
    The design is lovely and clean, congrats.

    Some points that I think could be improved:

    I missed what it really does, what's the value proposition in both areas, description, and images.

    Is it a time tracker? It has a timer, or do I need to manually enter everything?
    I got these questions in mind when I was looking at your play store page.

    About app using, UI it's modern and beautiful, but usability doesn't feel nice. I thought I have to click a lot to enter one record, so I would probably forgive and get it outdated.

    The filter (day, month, year) within the '+' doesn't make sense for the first time. I got a bit confused.
    Typically at android there, you have just '+' button, and filters are on top of the page. It would be more precise.

    I missed a way to add more Productive types; work was the first one.

    Congrat's for your job.
    Keep rocking :D

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      Thanks for replying!

      The idea of the app is to help users get more insight about how they spend their day. After recording for a few days, user may review their working tempo and try to optimize it.

      It's a time tracker, but not using a timer. I've tried using some timer apps before, but I often forgot to stop the timer after finishing my tasks. I also feel kind of anxious to have a timer running when I'm focusing on my work.

      So for this app, users record the task retrogradely. After finishing something, you may came back to the app and record what you were doing. At the recording section, start-time & end-time will be set automatically by default. So the only thing to do is choose the type (and optionally add some descriptions.) I will also make the type-choosing drop-down list into direct choosing buttons to reduce the steps further in the future.

      The "+" button should be separated with other filtering buttons. Agree with it and I'll fix it in the coming updates!

      Custom types setting function will also be added in the future updates!

      Thank you very much for trying the app! Your sharing helps me a lot!

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        Nice. Now I got it :)

        You could use this argumentation on your description; now it makes much more sense to me that you login and add just the type you were doing since last entry.

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          Thanks! I will revise my description with these argumentation!

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    I just installed it and played with it for a few minutes. It looks good and I like the design.

    Just a couple things I noticed:

    • After the walk through/tutorial, I created an entry and the app crashed when I pressed "Save". I uninstalled the app then reinstalled and the same thing happened. Subsequent entries worked find though. Maybe it's related to the walk through/tutorial.

    • Under the "Timeline" section, I wasn't exactly sure what the first button on the right was for. It seemed like it collapsed the timeline section, but then I couldn't get it to expand again.

    It looks like a good app though. It's easy to use, fairly intuitive, and I like the clean design.

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      Crash of the first entry is so frustrating!
      I'll try to fix this issue soon. Thanks for pointing it out!

      The button is for filtering entries with duration >30 minutes.
      It's a function still under testing, and is hidden from user currently.
      I forget to remove a line of code, which shows that button again after going but to daily view.
      Thanks for point this out too! I'll also fix it.

      Glad that you find it easy to use and like the design.
      Thank you very much!

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    appeared that it is not compatible with my device (android 5.1.1, yep, its old)

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      Sorry for that :(

      I'll try to extend the compatibility of device in the future.

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    I'm not a typical user of time tracking apps. So all I can say is the first three screenshots look a bit too similar. Their data cards and bar charts show very similar data and the only major difference is the chart in the top half of the screen.

    I appreciate short app descriptions but yours seems vague as it doesn't mention any concrete features or actions the app allows to do.

    1. 1

      Thanks for your feedback!

      For the screenshot, I'll try to emphasize on different functions with more diverse component.

      I'll also edit my descriptions to make it mention more about the app's main features.

      Thanks for pointing out these points that I've missed!

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    Unfortunately my device is not compatible, so I can't actually run it, but here's some feedback just by looking at the page:

    • The icon looks too simple. I'm not sure how it looks to the average user, but to my eyes it looks like three circles one next to the other. Plus, just by looking at it, it doesn't suggest what the app is about, not even vaguely.

    • The screenshots look nice and beautiful, but as another user mentioned, three of them look very similar. I'm not sure if the actually UI looks the same across different screens, but if all the features mentioned are visible on that screen, maybe you can zoom in on the screen on different parts?

    • The description is simple, and is straightforward about who this app is for. I'd prefer to also include a chunk of text to mention more details about what the app can do. What features does it have? What should I expect when using it? Is that one feature I'm looking for available on this app?

    Everything I mentioned is just my opinion, so feel free to keep only what you liked :)

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      Zoom-in on parts for the screenshots sounds good!
      I'll try it out to make the screenshot more appealing.

      Agree that more detailed descriptions of the app functions are important. I'll update it as well!

      Thank you for your advice :)

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      Thank you!

      Look forward to hear from your feedback about your UX with the app!

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