April 15, 2019

Looking for Fellow Developers & Product Managers to help validate dev tool idea


I’m building a tool that lets developers and PMs deploy new features the same way FB, Twitter, and AirBnB do.

It will be extremely easy to toggle or split test new features, taking nearly one line of code to get started and incredibly powerful from a dashboard. I’m talking about:

  • A/B Testing
  • Controlled Rollouts
  • Testing in production (forget expensive and inconsistent staging environments)
  • Beta releases
  • Location targeting
  • Feature kill switch (in the case of bugs)
    and more...

I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you’re willing to have a chat I’d love to talk to you too!

I’ve built this solution for several companies already and know firsthand how valuable it can be in your feature release process. Not only can you push new feature with less risk, but you can test their effectiveness as well. All without adding complexity to the actual implementation.

I believe it’s something all devs teams should implement whether they use my tool or not. The problem is that most startups simply don’t have time to add this to their workflow. I want to solve this.