Looking for: founding developer for a SaaS (website builder)

Hey guys,

We currently have this advertised as a job, but for the right person, I'd love to partner up on a deal with % revenue share.


  • We're building a Notion website builder called Simple.ink (= turning Notion pages into websites)
  • We currently have an email list of 3,000+, planning to launch soon.
  • We'd need your help to wrap this up (got a list of features, so there's enough work to be done) AND continue to build this for the long-term

This is great for you if:

  • You like building, hate marketing. Our team is already strong enough on that, so you'd only have building in your hands (direct contact with me)
  • You're obsessed with building for sustainability and scalability — we offer a free plan, we'll give a ton of websites out for free, so we need a strong base here.
  • You like building stuff in a proper manner. But you balance that with practicality for the user

Hit me up on Twitter DM if you wanna join what might/might not be a rocketship, but what will surely be a profitable, sustainable, healthy business you want to be a part of, where you take care of the technical side, we take care of the selling/marketing/product/etc side!

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