Looking for Growth/Marketing Partner for my gamified meditation app.

Hi guys, looking for a partner to help grow my app mindgarden.io, the MVP should be ready within a month. I've grown and monetized my app focusbyte.io to 20,000 + downloads and $150 MRR, but was unable to break the ceiling. I'm looking for someone who has done app marketing before, ASO & SEO is a plus, paid advertising, content marketing, understands how to drive KPI's up, and preferably is passionate about meditation. Thanks!

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    Great designs on both your apps and I like how you already have an active IG account with followers. Not sure if you really need a co-founder since you seem to be doing well already. Why not dedicate several months on each project, then sell and start with the next one?

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      Hi, I am done working on Focusbyte, there's no real growth potential because the app is super niche and is targeted towards students. I'm focusing all my attention on MindGarden, Focusbyte as more of a learning experience, monetization, analytics, and ASO. If you have experience with paid advertising, and content marketing please contact me at [email protected]

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    Hi Dante, I am a yoga & meditation enthusiast and would love to work with you on growing this. I have 6+ years of marketing experience ranging from brand to product marketing. Let me know if you are interested to discuss further.

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    Passionate about meditation with a product management background - let me know if you'd like to chat or if you are exclusively looking for a marketer.

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