Looking for Growth/Marketing Partner for our productivity tools app

Me and my friend have created a web application named CodeSwifter which help developers to create a web solution by providing a database structure.
Currently we offer templates (called template bundle) for Angular + .NET Core, but we can create any template we want.

In order to start getting the users, we need someone who has marketing experience i.e. knowledge on how to attract the developers to purchase the similar productivity tools.
We are ready to offer the share in our startup.

Currently, CodeSwifter generates a web solution with the following features:

  • Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core & Angular
  • Domain and DTO models (backend and frontend)
  • CRUD-ready commands powered by MediatR using CQRS pattern
  • Web.Api Controllers
  • Frontend data services including drill-down queries
  • Auto-mapping domain entities to DTO and vice versa
  • Customizable lazy, eager or explicit data loading
  • Fluent configuration for each entity using Entity Framework
  • Server-side paging using order-by clause determined by client
  • Server-side filtering and sorting
  • Server-side summaries
  • Configurable response compression
  • Authentication with Auth0
  • Penetration test ready (HSTS, Content Security Policy, X-Xss-Protection, No Sniff, Referrer Policy...)
  • Server-side validators with complex validation rules included for both CRUD and query commands
  • Serilog logging ready using SEQ
  • Early-warning system for slow queries
  • API documentation using Swagger UI
  • 27 classes for each table (entity)
  • 2 classes and 1 interface for each custom type
  • 2 enum files for each enumeration
  • 2 files for each custom interface
  • 23 project-related files
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    The product looks interesting and I have been part of developers oriented product in past.

    By the way how to connect ?

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