Growth July 11, 2020

Looking for guest blogging opportunities? Comment below

Shiva Prabhakaran @shv_prbhkrn

Hi All,

Let us share and receive guest blogging opportunities with the community.

Just comment below ==>

If you want someone to guest blog on your site list the following:

URL of the site:

If you want to guest blog on someone else's site list the following:

URL for back linking (if any):

Here is mine:

Topics: Remote work, Growth, Newsletter & Saas Marketing
URL for back linking:

Start scoring those SEO points.

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    I'd love to accept guest post of Pirsonal's blog.

    • URL of the site:
    • Topics: We usually publish about marketing automation, personalized video marketing, marketing automation, customer experience. You can include contextual backlinks.
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      Ok. I'll do an introduction to growth hacking post of about 1000 words. I'll mail you when it is ready.

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        Thanks! Sounds good :-)

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    I'd love to accept guest posts on Flying Cat Marketing's website.

    Looking for posts about marketing, sales, growth hacking, funnels, and all that fun stuff. You may include contextual backlinks.

    Editorial guidelines must be followed though!


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      Hey! This sounds like a good fit for me. I usually write about personalized marketing, marketing automation, and customer experience. What works better for your audience and how should I send this to your way? Tks!

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        Excellent! Would love to hear about any of those topics - specifically geared to SaaS startups. Could you send your ideas to [email protected] ?

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          Great! I just sent you an email :-)

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    I run a small indie blog called PulseBlueprint, chock full of content about the workplace / getting ahead / careers / entrepreneurship.

    I love accepting guest posts! You get your own account / can publish as many articles as you'd like (contextual backlinks to your own sites very welcome).

    Topics: careers, leadership, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, job seeking, indiehacking.


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      I'll do a 1000 words post on "time management for job seekers". I'll mail you when it is ready.

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        Awesome! No need to email me -- just sign up for an account using that link and post when you're ready :)