Looking for honest feedbacks

Hello there!

I'm looking for people to try networkup.io.

Most of people replies 'This is a great project' but this is not something I can use to improve my product.

I wont tell you anything about the project so you're free to tell me if you've understood the concept well or not :D

Any suggestions to get users would be appreciated ! I love you indiehackers <3

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    I think the landing page is fairly clear in terms of understanding what the product does. The three benefits below the fold were more helpful than the headline. The area below that is a bunch of pics with titles. My suggestion is to use this area to expand more around the benefits. Perhaps, highlight some success stories or show how vast your product's network is

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      Thanks a lot! Currently I dont know any success story from the network as It's released for 1 month now. But it looks like I have to explain with picture and short sentence the benefits of the service indeed.

      Thanks again <3

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    Looks interesting and promising but...
    No sign up using email :(
    Not clear how it works.
    You definitely need to make at least some part public accessible - till the service is famous :)
    Good luck!

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      It was previously accessible through public but people were not registering as the service is pretty young ^^

      You can access it through the direct url : networkup.io/marketplace

      As you can see, there's not that much people so most of people wait for more users to register which is a problem at the early stage :p

      Thanks a lot for the feedback

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        What I see from these public pages is not bad and pretty many markers on the map.
        But, still not clear what is it for? Which preferences do people have registering here?
        Is it like LinkedIn? If so, why do we need another LinkedIn? If not, what's the difference?
        You can't make people register just "for fun", there always should be a reason - roughly speaking, benefits that people will get.

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          It's entrepreneur oriented so from a non-registered user, you can get investors, coworking spaces, startups, events in your local area.

          From a registered user perspective, you still can access those datas but you can also get contacted by people relatively to your skill (cofounder, developer, designer etc) and be displayed onto the map to get in touch with people close to you (always easier to cofound with someone close to you).

          You can also post your startup, project, idea and ads to get people into interested (cofounder, users, workers)

          It's SEO optimized so it can also create backlinks to your pages.

          I personaly dont like linkedIn as it's too formalized for me. I hate CV and I will probably never create a new one ever. I dont use it so I cant tell if it's the same project or not, I just feel LinkedIn is not that entrepreneur oriented (maybe it is).

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            Yeah, what you actually did is just listed your service's features.
            But you still didn't touch benefits, nor my pain.
            Which problem does your service solve? For example, why I would post information about my project or idea?

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              • Hard to find cofounders, especially located close to you.
              • Resources for entrepreneur are split among a lot of different websites (investors, events, local startups, coworking spaces)


              • List all that resources in one place
              • Find cofounders, developers, designers, sales locally
              • Display your startup/project/ideas/ads to get people interested in it (and locally), as users, workers, cofounders. Also create backlink to your website if you work on your SEO (it's free).

              The whole goal is to increase the interactions between entrepreneurs locally.

              My personnal local network is empty, never worked with people around me. Always worked in remote, and it was always a pain to create companies, relationship behind a computer was always superficial.
              Only current solution I have is to go in coworking spaces (not free and social interaction is not my best quality) or events (same problem)

              Do I point something or I'm still in the clouds ? :P

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                It's pretty clear what you said. But it creates even more questions:

                1. Is your resource about finding cofounders?
                2. As for your website is kind of close like LinkedIn all the posts will not be shown in the search results therefore, people wouldn't find it there. It's a big minus - unlike IH with all posts are visible to search systems.
                  Finally, IH websites does the same work - people and project in one place. You need to be different...
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                  Finding a cofounder is one step for entrepreneurs (most of them) so it's not focused on that but this is a feature.

                  Every pages are referenced on google and accessible through public so it's gonna be displayed on google. If you're looking for a particular event informations, or opening hours of a coworking place, investor of your area, it's gonna be available on google.

                  IH does the same but I have no clue if there's entrepreneur from Toulouse, France. Or I dont know how to process to do so, it doesnt seem to be focused on that. I personnaly mainly use IH for the community feed which is awesome but it's more a twitter for entrepreneur than a real local networking.

                  My opinion.

                  Thank you for the feedback and the interaction, it helps me a lot :D

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                    Every pages are referenced on google and accessible through public
                    Oh, that's good. I just didn't realize it because first I thought I only have to sign up first. Maybe it's worth to make this point more clear.
                    Okay, I saw your point and honestly, agree.
                    I will think to create a project on your service - when you provide sign up with email - because I'm not ready to share my social accounts - at this stage - and think many other founders think the same.
                    Good luck!

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                      Yeah it was fully public at start but got more email using this method ^^

                      I'll put back the old sign in / up methods, didnt consider this aspect.

                      Thanks a lot again ! <3

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    • I was expecting to find a LinkedIn SignIn, the mandatory one according the Entrepreneur Network,
    • I would expect to see people, some testimonials on the benefits of this network
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    This is really promising, you'll get there in time! :D

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    I see a nice landing page, but no people. The values I will get are not precise and clear.

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      Thank you for the feedback :)

      When you see no people, you mean you dont see enough user registered in the network ?

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    Took 2 mins to look over your project and the first thing that stood out or prevented me from wanting to sign up is it doesn't clearly tell me what the benefit of joining would be? I kept thinking "But why would I need to join this?"

    Hope this helps!

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      Awesome man thank you :D That's something I feel on many landing page indeed, always hard to apply this on my own projects :P You rock <3

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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      I was probably drunk when I built it, thank you for noticing it xD

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      I was probably drunk when I built it, thank you for noticing it xD

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