Looking for Indie-hacker to help with MVP build (for validated B2B Sales SaaS)

Hi all - I've got > 10 year in Enterprise Sales / B2B SaaS and looking for a full stack indie-hacker that has built a few web apps / products end to end (and can provide demo's / access to them).

I've identified a niche in the Enterprise Sales / B2B SaaS world focusing on references / testimonials which are a growing requirement for sales people to successfully close deals. I've done customer validation through a sales community I'm a part of - surveying over 100 sales directors and identifying over 50% have this problem.

I now have 5 customers lined up as beta testers for this product and am looking to get an MVP developed and into their hands to further refine / test and verify the extent of the need.

I'm agnostic on tech stack for the product at this stage. Initially I'd be happy to pay for development, with a view to bringing someone on as a partner in the future. This would suit a developer who has built sales or marketing automation tools before, there will be a need to structure different steps for sales reps that automate emails being sent to schedule appointments and manage calendar bookings effectively.

If interested, drop me a note at [email protected] and copy in some examples / links to web apps you've built before.


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