Looking for Indie Hackers on Twitter, drop your handle 👇

Hi IH 👋

I am looking to connect with other indie hackers on twitter soo, who should I be following ?

Drop your own handle and/or mention other people that I should be following !

My own is @seowl_app

See ya !

Edit : created a list to follow other indie hackers -> here

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    Hey Hey!

    I build stuff with AI.

    Here's my Twitter: www.twitter.com/uwwgo

    Always happy to connect!

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      Namy, really interesting idea. Following you to see where it goes.

    2. 1

      Added you to my IH list !

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      Hi Rosie, see you on twitter !

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    Hey 👋

    I tweet on business, productivity and living a happy life via twitter.com/ivanovandrewx

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      Love it (productivity + business + living a happy life!) Following via @courtneyruthw

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      Added to the list see you there :)

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      Will follow your journey Michael !

    2. 1

      Really like your templates. I really need to get around to buying them. It is nice to see you added color :)

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    Working on decentralizing media and giving writers the control for their audience and content @brytebook

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      cool stuff, will follow your journey

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    Twitter is really an awesome tool to build an audience and make friends!

    My account: https://twitter.com/angezanetti

    I tweet daily about my learnings about startups, IH, and Marketing. I also drop weekly threads where I go deeper into a subject!

    See you there!

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      Added you to my list, see you there !

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      Added to the list !

    1. 1

      Added you on the list !

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    I tweet about the startup journey, and make fun memes along the way 😅 https://twitter.com/dagorenouf

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      @dagorenouf, your memes are awesome, mate 👏👏👏

      1. 1

        thank you so much bartek, glad you like them 🤩

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      ah Dagobert, you know I'm already following your journey !

      1. 1

        It's for the others my bro 😂

        1. 1

          how dare you, that's my own thread :P

          1. 1

            I take no prisoners in this game 🔥😂

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    Heya 👋

    I'm building a community platform to make it fun to build in public and create a vibrant audience. Love to catch up with you guys on Twitter at https://twitter.com/gouthamjay8

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    Hi 👋 I tweet about tech, opensource, bigdata, dataanalytics, infrastructure, and softwaredevelopment. Feel free to DM me: https://twitter.com/fr3onhq

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      that's a lot of topic, let's see what you've got 👋

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    Hi Jason! I'm Meri_Earthfound

    I tweet about sole founder life, and Brand / Marketing / Management tips for growing teams.

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      Hi Meri, see you on Twitter !

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    Lots of interesting profiles shared here! Following them all.

    I started using Twitter recently. Still getting my bearing but I am going to start building in public and document what works and what does not work in terms of marketing.


    1. 1

      the way to go, looking forward to your #BuildInPublic tweets !

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    https://twitter.com/strzibnyj I tweet about programming and my projects (now Deployment from Scratch), but I think might be more project-oriented when I start new ones:)

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      added you to the list !

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      see you on twitter !

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      see you on twitter Harm !

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    I tweet about the mobile app world, and I build mobile apps in public

    I recommend:
    https://twitter.com/nickjsheriff -- great ASO and tech market knowledge

    1. 1

      Finally a recommendation ahah ! Added both accounts

      1. 1

        Thanks! Nick is not really an IndieHacker but he knows a thing or two

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      yup let's connect Sanskar 👋

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    Hi 👋

    I am Suresh and I tweet about SEO, digital marketing and content via https://twitter.com/bedigisure

    Followed you on Twitter :)

    1. 1

      hmm SEO, you know how to talk to me :P

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    Hey 👋


    I tweet & write about software development (JS/TS, Angular/React), personal knowledge management and my journey as a bootstrapper.

    I also maintain a list of Indie Hackers on Twitter: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1388126421676089349

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      was already reading you on another list but added you for others to see !

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    I post about SaaS products, product management, and my own journey quitting full-time work to pursue indie hacking my own SaaS products. twitter.com/chrisredrich

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      see you there Chris !

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    Here we go, James. Already followed you.

    Here is my Twitter: https://twitter.com/tarasowski

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      added to my IH list :)

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    Here's mine https://twitter.com/sputnith

    I build random stuff on the internet.

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      could be my job description too tbh :P

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    I design and develop communities tools!

  18. 2

    Great idea. I'm a bootstrap founder. Started PeopleFish in 2016, now we've surveyed more than 1 million consumers for more than 1,000 clients.


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    Followed! I'm at https://twitter.com/scalfino, I talk about what I learn from building (and failing at building) startups, and a decent bit about crypto.

    My current project is a crypto newsletter, so I promise it's not all "BTC to the moon!"

    1. 2

      sorry I just want "BTC to the moon" content :P

  20. 2

    I post articles, tips, resources & motivational quotes for creatives, entrepreneurs, writers, and bloggers!


    1. 1

      see ya on Twitter !

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    @gimelgabriel: tools for startups and whatever is going on in my life outside of the startup

  22. 2

    I'm a hardware indie hacker with a background in space/avionics/aerospace engineering! Currently building "Morpheus" (smart REM sleep mask) in public. Hmu https://twitter.com/bhavesh_kakwani

    1. 1

      cool background ! change from the usual software engineer (like me ahah)

    1. 1

      hey stephen 👋🏻 see you on twitter

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    Mine is @Lull3rSkat3r. I'm starting to explore self improvement for software engineers and will be tweeting about this. Cheers!

    1. 1

      Hi Corey, added you to my IH list, looking forward to your self improvement tweets :)

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    Hello @Sheepp -- I tweet about Marketing + entrepreneurship over at @courtneyruthw

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      added to the list !

    1. 1

      added to the list !

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    my handle https://twitter.com/james_r_perkins a mix of Dev Rel for a small startup and of course building roll your tweet.

    1. 1

      cool stuff James see you on Twitter !

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    Hi 👋

    I tweet about investing into micro startups. Feel free to DM me: https://twitter.com/ilyanovohatskyi

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      Added you to the list Ilya !

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    Stuff about video editing, coding, and sometimes about how much I hate Microsoft

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      Added to the list see you there :)

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      Made it to the list Tyler !

    1. 2

      Added you to the list :-)

    1. 1

      Added you to the list, let's connect !

    1. 1

      Added you to the list Marshall !

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    I mostly post about great books, mental models, or other interesting ideas :)

    1. 1

      Cool Peter will read that !

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    Hey y'all, Chad here! Always looking to make friends at @_insiteful

    1. 1

      See you on Twitter Chad !

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    Hi Jason, I mostly tweet about Go stuff, web development, and Linux @m5blum (https://twitter.com/m5blum) :)

    1. 2

      Awesome see you on Twitter :)

  31. 2


    I post UI/UX tips that help you improve your apps :)

    1. 1

      I'll def need that ahah

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    Hi Jason, fellow IH here!

    Following you now, my handle is https://twitter.com/BramBloks

    I'm building ReleaseCheck in public, launch of mvp is in 2 days, sharing my progress and code on twitter.

    Happy to get in touch on Twitter!

    1. 1

      👋 see ya on the bird app

  33. 1


    I am here on twitter: https://twitter.com/ibrahimm, currently building getskibble.com

  34. 1

    Hello i'm https://twitter.com/nir_zavaro
    Happy to meet and chat.
    Currently run my agency Streetwiseagency.com and some other cool things including helping startups with storytelling, brand and marketing.
    feel free to reach out if u need anything.

  35. 1

    https://twitter.com/jeff_codes Tweeting about indiehacking and building in public!

  36. 1

    Hey 👋🏽

    I build serverless stuff on AWS.

  37. 1

    Hi Guys,
    we build distraction free text editor, which works as extension to Chromium browser

    Difree's Twitter: https://twitter.com/getdifree/
    My Twitter: https://twitter.com/olekjaworski

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    👋🏾 Hey everybody. I've been heads down for a while. So it's a perfect time to catch up w/ ya'll.

    I build dev tools to prevent burnout.

    Me on Twitter: @helengriffinjr
    App: @jovialHQ

  39. 1


    I build both software & hardware.

    Making passive income with https://crosskeeper.app 😜

    My Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/bartekwitczak

    Always happy to connect with like-minded 💪

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    Thanks for the list. That is very handy. My handle is @deepthisid

  41. 1


    follow us, we are on nocode, saas, and AI. Let's follow each other.

  42. 1


    I don't use a personal one but here's my latest project's, BotMeNot Twitter account - https://twitter.com/BotMeNot_
    I'm planning to start being much more active very soon!

    Also, if you're interested here's my P2S profile - https://twitter.com/Price2Spy

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