Help October 22, 2020

Looking for influencer marketing filtering tools for growth

Jess @jssk6

Hi IH community -

Yesterday we launched our first collaboration with an influencer/blogger and finally there’s a person on the team that can manage it. But it does take a chunk of time to sift through the right collaborations. I'm wondering if you might have any recommendation on influencer tools to use to filter into the appropriate/theme/topic/industry alignment? Also, we do tie it to affiliate marketing when it feels right, sometimes it doesn't make sense for the content the outlet has. The key is making this search easier.

This is the one we released yesterday with the blogger:

We are testing to see how influencer marketing may help us get the word out about the business and boost growth.

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    Hi Jess, are you searching directly on social media or are you collaborating through an aggregation platform of some kind (something like right now?

    I have limited experience with this, but whenever I've done things like this it was always manual. We always wanted to do a thorough quality assessment of any potential ambassador, and so it was always a manual process.

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      Thank you. Yes, it's being primarily a manual filtering. Will take a look at

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