Design and UX October 13, 2020

Looking for inspiration: What are good home pages for beta products?

Jan Van de Poel @janvdp

I'm updating my homepage for and I'm looking for some good examples of product pages, particularly if they are still in beta.

Personally, I find the step-wise engineering process much easier than building an attractive, convincing web page. So I am hoping to find inspiration from some interesting examples... :)

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    @janvdp The Hugo site itself is decently inspiring. :)

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    These are not specifically Beta products, but I've been collecting examples of product landing pages with good Unique Selling Propositions here:

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    I am a ui ux designer & i can help you out with design part let me know if I can work on your project as a web designer.

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      Thanks for the reply, I'm mostly looking for inspiration. For now, I'm willing to put in the sweat myself :)

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        That's the spirit and the fun part!

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          I never mind the work (never have) but figuring out design and copy makes me feel like I'm peddling hard not sure if it's the right direction...

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            I agree for the copy. It makes me sweat...

            I learned design by seeing through patterns when designers were being designers...

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