Looking for landing page feedback.

Hello everyone,

Alright, so we had our worst month (September ) with $250 whatsoever on Wicked Templates, see open page at:

This week I started to wonder if this could be regarding the landing page copy, you can read it here:

What we do?

  • We build Tailwind CSS templates.

The change has happen when the landing page copy changed.

Please, let me know if you need more information.

  1. 2

    Some of the copy is more wordy than it needs to be IMO. But overall it looks ok, i think.

    Note: You have a typo here: "TOOLS FOR DEVELOPERSS & DESIGNERS"

    1. 1

      ohh thank you. So typical me, with typos...

  2. 1

    I see that there aren't a lot of templates on your page - maybe it will be a good idea to add/create more various templates?

    1. 1

      i agree with you, i am changing the strategy with the templates actally.
      See tweet below.

      i am adding a ton of pages, and will be adding components too.

      would you like to see them on the landing page instead?

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