Twitter October 7, 2020

Looking for market fit with @tweetastic_app

Dimitri Ivashchuk @divdev_

Hey! Dimitri, founder of 📈 here. As I am building the product I am starting to getting an impression that my market fit and long term vision is not clearly defined.

My twitter tool has:

✅ Really beautiful and insightful analytics
✅ Multiple account support for easy switch if you are managing multiple accs
✅ Email and telegram digests with your account growth performance which you can define to be sent at specific times

What I am thinking of adding to the feature set:

❓Tweet scheduling
❓Tips for twitter growth in your current situation
❓Notifications based on some events, for example some tweet breaking some like or retweet threshold

As I want to build a commercial product out of Tweetastic, it's super important to understand what users need and WHO these users will be.

Any advice - super appreciated, and of course I will be willing to give some feedback or thoughts on your product as the gesture of thankfulness 😊 Just don't forget to ask for it 😉

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