Looking to Partner Up April 7, 2019

Looking for Marketing Co-Founder

Jake @JakeOcean

I've recently launched SimpleQuoter.com which is an interactive proposal / Quoting SAAS and I'm looking to join forces with someone who can help in the marketing side of things. Would also be willing to develop other projects with you if you have a nice track record.

Looking for someone US Based - I'm in the Midwest.

Sending me some details about you and your past projects.


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    What's up Jake? I am not certain exactly what you're looking for with a marketer but, I'd be happy to discuss whatever it is you think could help. Let me know.

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    Hey Jake!

    My name is Peyton, and I am a marketer based in Nashville, TN. I would love to talk about this project! Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] so I can send you any pertinent information, and ask some questions.

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    How many actual buys have you had? It's also a useful info for anyone who might want to join you.

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    Hey Jake,

    Congrats on the launch.

    A word of advice...

    It's easy to find a marketing cofounder, but very, very hard to find a good marketing cofounder.

    You'll get much better applications if you think hard about what details you'd like your 'ideal' candidate to apply to you with, and then provide those details about yourself here...

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      It's easy to find a marketing cofounder
      At least it's not a truth.

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        Not sure I understand.

        If you're a technical founder (and reasonably flexible on projects etc), it is easy to find a marketing cofounder.

        They just probably won't be very good.


        I should probably qualify this by explaining that, while being a developer is pretty much binary (either you have the tech skills to build the product or you don't), it isn't so easy to judge whether a marketer can actually handle customer acquisition or not.

        For example, there aren't many people out there who think they can build an app, but can't.

        But there are loads of people out there who think they can market a product successfully but in reality can't.

        It's really easy to find these people, but hard to tell them apart from the marketing cofounders who are actually good.

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          I was totally clear. It is NOT easy to find a marketing (or any other) co-founder.

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            Interesting opinion.

            That's not what I hear from most of the technical founders I talk to who are looking for a cofounder.

            Are you looking for a cofounder now? (or have you looked for one in the past?)

            I'd be interested to hear what you found difficult and hopefully give you a few helpful tips.

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              There is nothing interesting in this opinion.
              And it's not opinion, it's just an experience.
              And not only mine but many people's too.
              Proof is here https://www.indiehackers.com/forum/hashtag/looking-for-cofounder/recent
              Do you think all they post their messages just for fun, ha?