Looking for marketing/growth help! 😭

Hello! 👋

For the last two months I'm building identid.me, a platform with which you can create your own website with the aim of creating your own personal brand and show your portfolio in a different way.

This way you'll be able to stand out among the professionals in your sector.

I'm the one who does all the marketing of the project and so far I've created content for social networks constantly over the last month (LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook) and launched a weekly newsletter.

With these actions we have achieved 65 people registered as beta testers and 34 people subscribed to the newsletter.

It's one of my first projects and I'm trying to build an audience, so I'd love to email and discuss with someone who might be able to help me grow the site with new ideas!

Thanks in advance! 😍

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    I found a lot of golden hacks for my projects on @growthbites !
    Read, ideate, test, analyse, repeat if works!

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      Great! I'll take a look 😍

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      🙏 Thanks for the shoutout @Bonbonbon !

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    Wanted to say the designs on your homepage is beautiful.

    Others have already shared some of these but here are my thoughts:

    1. Niche down. Looks like you're already targeting designers and visual professionals. Where do they go online? Post on reddit, Quora, facebook groups (this can be a big one). Find other forums and threads where your audience communicates.
    2. Find influencers in the niche (look on Twitter, IG, FB group moderators) - DM and message like crazy. There is no limit here.
    3. Guest post. Influencers often have blogs and newsletters - can you get a feature here? Write something for them?
    4. Podcasts - people who host podcasts are always looking for guest speakers/hosts. Reach out.
    5. Build an email list. Offer high quality, valuable content like an e-book on how to sell your freelance services. Gate the content, ask for an email in exchange. You can also build ads to promote the ebook.
    6. Ads. I'm biased, this is my 9-5 job. Run IG ads, build super targeted small audiences and test. You can start with $5-$10 (CAD) a day. Make your value props/features in the copy SUPER clear so you don't waste money on clicks from users who won't sign up. Think about how you can pre-qualify a user from the ad to ensure only the best click through.

    These are just acquisition tactics^. You'll also want to plan ahead and think about how your marketing plan looks at retention. Once you've got some adopters, think about building contents/ads/emails that consistently surrounds and educates your users and ensures they understand 100% how to use the product.

    Good luck!! Feel free to message me on Twitter if you want to chat @martaaw93

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      Thank you thank you!!!! This helped me sooo much really

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    Very interesting project. As a solopreneur who's looking to build up her brand, it's something that I will sign up immediately. I think I have a couple of ideas that might be useful for you. Setting up a mail list and a blog is one of them. And is it available only in Spanish?

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      At the moment it's in Spanish but as soon as we launch it for Spaniards (first quarter of 2021) we will translate eeeverything (actually I'm already doing translations) and we'll launch it into the English Speakers world.

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        Oooh, Sounds good! I'd say you already start building up content for your project. At this time, guest posting and ads will also help to capture the attention of your target audience.

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          Sure! Right now I'm trying different lead magnets, at the end of this month I want to start with ads and maybe a collab? If you have any other ideas please tell me 😍

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            Definitely. I have lots of ideas.
            Why don't we talk more about it in a zoom call?
            Here's my calendly link: https://calendly.com/kesarrana/30min

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    I like how you integrate identid.me with LinkedIn.

    Is there any kind of custom graphic work that clients could pay for to help tell their story / brand? Or are you trying to have everything automated?

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      Right now we are trying to have as much as we can automated, but that's not a bad idea to implement with a paid plan. 🤔

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    Focus on one segment of professionals at first. Slack did the same, with the lawyers (if I remember correctly).

    Promote to facebook groups, Reddit etc

    Create a waitlist - this will create a FOMO factor

    Create a referral program etc.

    If you're interested, I'm showcasing these kind of case studies in my newsletter http://kickstartsidehustle.com/

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      Thank you soo much Michal, I'm suscribing to your newsletter right now 😍

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