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Looking for partners in the HR / edTech space

Hey there,

I'm building something new in the HR / edTech space. I'm looking for partners (esp. sales / growth people).

i think to improve the way we educate people (sorely needed) the path of least resistance is to change the way companies understand and consume skills.

The problem with that, is most company don't even know what skills they need, not to say what skills they will need in the future. To change that, we have to help companies understand themselves better. Which they don't really. You just have to ask someone who just got onboarded in a new company.

My grand father used to say "what is clearly understood can be clearly stated". Well, companies usually take 3 to 6 months to state to their new hires what they are about.

The plan with what I'm building is to walk the logical path above in reverse:

  1. help companies transfer internal knowledge efficiently (toward new hires for exemple), to do that we will have to
  2. help them have a clear vision of who they are, how they work and what skills they need to work. Once they have that knowledge they will be able to
  3. address the job market with a skill based approach, rather than a "what school did you go to and when did you graduate" approach. And that will
  4. force education systems to be skill based, which will make them way more accountable and way more agile.

Right now we are building phase 1 & 2, with a product that allows companies to manage and transfer essential information needed to ramp up new hires or inform your employees of what they need to know, in a fun way that maximizes retention for the one who has to consume it, and while giving metrics to the manager who has to monitor it.

I'd love to hear people thoughts about the plan.

Feel free to hit me up at [email protected] if you are interested and want to know more.

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    Hi MathieuK, I love the idea. I'm sending an email so we can discuss further.

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