Looking for product feedback from designers

Hey everyone, I have a product that I'm hoping is useful for design freelancers and agencies. If that's you, I would LOVE to chat and get some initial feedback!

Any design freelancers OR agency workers / owners here?

Edit: I've introduced the product fully here in a separate post

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    Why not post it here and everyone can jump in?

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      I'll try to record my screencast of the prototype today, and post. Great comment though, the reality is I'm just waiting to share.

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    Mild feeback, but if you would like to stand out, perhaps you should use a different brand color than the blue you are using. That blue is used to death in so many startups today, making everyone look the same. If you absolutely have to use blue, perhaps a navy or royal blue would make your product different aesthetically.

    There are so many colors, why not choose something different? Green, yellow, orangered, heck, even purple! If you have trouble with colors you can try looking at some color palettes here: https://www.color-hex.com/color-palettes/popular.php

    It might help make picking a brand color a bit easier.

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      Thank you, I love this color palette app you've shared. I'm not really in love with the branding I came up with. I think I'll let the idea develop a little bit before I really put the work in with branding (name, logo, etc.) as it's probably going to evolve.

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