Looking for: SaaS Cofounder (Sales & BD)

Hi there,

I'm looking to someone to partner with at a Partner/Cofounder level to spearhead the Sales & Growth side of things for my SaaS product called Claver (www.claver.app, for more info).

Why a co-founder for this?
Claver is servicing a few paying customers. I have my hands full on product development & management, engineering, tech ops, and general biz administration. I'm essentially THE bottleneck right now, and that's limiting its ability to scale commercially.

Claver is completely bootstrapped, and funded by real customers. You can imagine how crucial your success at this role is, and has extremely high impact.

As a Business (back of the house) + Product person, I reckon the ideal fit would be with someone who's the experience and confidence to manage Business (front of the house) + Product.

Work chemistry, energy, and mutual trust are absolutely crucial too.

Best done with exploratory chats, which also help to see if our visions align.

** What next **
Thanks for reading! Hope this represents something in the direction you are looking at too.

Best ways to reach me: Email / Twitter DM.

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