Looking to Partner Up March 6, 2019

Looking for Sales & Marketing Co-Founder

Jake @JakeOcean

#looking-for-cofounder #saas #marketing

Hi Everyone.

I am a backend developer looking for a sales / marketing co founder for my SAAS Sales estimate / invoicing app. MVP is built and launched but I need help marketing. I'm in the midwest but open to a remote founder if working hours overlap.

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    @JakeOcean I'm originally from Chicago but living in Los Angeles now. I can partner but would need to talk about the idea, niche, etc and and see how we can get to revenue quickly...let's set up a time to chat!

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      Thanks, I'll send you an email

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    Hey Jake,
    Would love to know more. Shoot me a message and let's talk. Thansk!

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    Hi Jake!

    Will love to connect, have a good experience of Sales and Marketing forray.

    When can we connect? I am available at [email protected]

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    Hey Jake! This sounds cool. I'm from minneapolis (originally wisco) but I would love to connect in general and hear about your app.