Looking to Partner Up February 15, 2020

Looking for Sales Partner / Co Founder / Help

Matt Selbie @Panama01

We are not a start up, been around for a few years and have a SaaS feedback program, where a customer uses their own cell phone for on the spot, out of home feedback. Six figure annual sales and growing.
We sell to several verticals, but not efficiently! We need to get sales help both on the strategy side and actually selling. Not spinning of enough cash for mega salary so looking for partners and doers.
Based in Portland, OR.
Matt - [email protected]

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    Hi! Not sure if I am good fit as I am not from US) By the way, stayed some time in Hilsboro (Intel), 70 miles away from Portland) But, may I ask you some questions? Your sales stuck because you don't see a clear picture who is your target audience? What is your market size? Big or small (your estimation)? Do you havea strong marketing team with clear understanding of values using your solution? You don't see the way how to scale, right? Is this market competitive?

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      Just sent an email to you. Please share more on your own experience.

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    Hi Matt, do you have an existing website? I would like to take a look.

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    This sounds interesting. Im looking into co-founding and would love to chat further with you. If things align of course. Feel free to email any additional details and such. Current job I'm essentially doing sales but I would need to understand more about your company etc.

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      Paulo - pls send me an email - mselbie (at) oberon3 (dot) com.

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    Hey Matt - This sounds right in my wheelhouse. Take a look at my profile and let me know if you are interested in connecting further to discuss!

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      I just you an email. Thx

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    email is a chore, add up on skype: adeoluwa.adejumo

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      Before this - what do you do?