Looking for SEO/Content Marketing Partner

Just finished creating the beta for MindGarden a simple gamified meditation app that aims to help users stick with the habit. Ideally, I'm looking for someone who is passionate about meditation, I have a little under 100 beta testers currently and I see good retention.

I'm looking for someone who really understands SEO, backlinking and understands how to use content to drive growth.

The official site: https://mindgarden.io

The IOS beta: https://app.airport.community/app/rec9hwiRvY2bifIgZ

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    Hey Dante,

    Love what you’re building - I’ve been doing SEO for the last 2 years, and have generated $1 million in revenue for my clients through SEO.

    I understand SEO, how to get backlinks, and how to use content marketing to drive growth. I'm also passionate about meditation - I do it everyday.

    I'd love to work together and help you with SEO. Let me know how we can work together.

    Josh Ternyak

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    Hello Dante, it looks good.

    I'm Atul and I live in India. I am not pro in SEO. But I have good amount of experience in off-page(link building). If it sounds good, connect me on Twitter.

    P.s. I know link building. That doesn't mean I don't know keyword research, competitor research, website audit etc. :)

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    Really interesting!

    Would love to chat and learn more about what you're looking for/how I may be able to help - [email protected], website is www.centori.io

    SEO strategy is my jam, I've been working with companies ranging from e-commerce (grew organic revenue 80% this year) to SaaS to build highly effective and unique strategies (no generic lists of keywords or blog topics here, we provide a unique strategy suited for your goal)

    4+ years of SEO experience along with 6 years at HubSpot (Customer Success and Product Management, lots of marketing/sales knowledge accrued along the way there).

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    hey I can help you with content marketing and on-page SEO, I can't do much in off-page SEO but backlinking sure! I can make content calender and schedule content to gain popularity.

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    Interesting. I can help with SEO strategy and do you a deal on link building. Email in profile.

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