Looking for "slow" entrepreneurs

I am looking for like-minded individuals, technical or non-technical.

The intention is to collaborate, and I have an active project (only in my spare time) but I am happy to work on your project instead, also feel free to contact me if you feel the description suits you even if it is not for collaboration.

I have thought a long time about the features I care the most in a partner, at this point what I value is the following:

  • Family friendly (I like not only to take care of my family, financially, but to spend time with them).
  • Async communication first (Learn to communicate efficiently to avoid workflow bottlenecks, it is not about timezones, but about structuring thoughts in a way that allows cooperation instead of dependence).
  • Quality over quantity (I've read that it is better smart and hard and I agree, but I really think burnout is a serious problem and spare time is good for creativity, ex. I would like to implement intense/efficient eight hours four days week).
  • Transparency (We don't need to be aligned in every single thing but let's put all cards over the table to avoid disappointments).

I am sure I forgot things and feel free to ask, but if some obvious things are not there is because I don't really care about them (gender, ethnicity, location, seniority, etc.).

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    Migsar, I like your little list. We are on the same page with that.
    Check out stackmuncher.com and github.com/stackmuncher/stm_app. I'm building it as open source. Get in touch if you find it interesting.

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      Wow, it looks great! I have not had the time to run it, but I definitely will, and I'll get in touch. One question immediately popped up, does it works for Gitlab or Bitbucket profiles?

      I was recently thinking on a variant of this, although probably not for experienced coders which I would assume is the main target for Stack Muncher, to offer some transparent and open guidance to people that is starting coding, like a personal PM, my idea was lowering barrier for people in countries which does not have much culture of open source.

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        GitLab and Bitbucket and definitely an option. The only reason I use GitHub is for the open source code. Any private code is analysed locally by the app, so it makes no difference where the repo is hosted. Open to debate here. Early days anyway.

        Can you explain a bit more about the personal PM angle?

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          Sure, I think a lot of talent goes unnoticed, but it is difficult to get started, as with entrepreneurship it is not just about the idea, or in the case of code technical skills. Two points in that regard:

          1. Repositories are a good way to show your skills, but often it is a lot of work for make it work for others: structure, issues, documentation. PRs are often a conversation back and forth and some people write a PR in a few minutes but gets frustrated because it takes a few months to get merged. A way to remove that friction, for both project owners and contributors.

          2. Often interview exercises are private repositories. I found this unfair/inefficient, again, wasted effort. The dev should get visibility, at the end it is non-paid work that often requires the best of your skills, if the exercise is trivial it is not really useful and it might be repetitive. For the company that is hiring, I think they ask for private for not disclosing their methods, but there are many ways to go around this.

          So I think it is related to what you are doing because a step in evaluation is static code analysis and it is based in repository activity.

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            Are you a coder? What's your stack?

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              Yes, javascript in all flavors/levels. I am transitioning out, I love coding but I am not very happy about the state of things around development, so I'll focus in improving those things, from management to documentation.

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                Your skills would be very complimentary.

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    @migsar & @rimutaka : love both of your approaches!

    I so much resonate with you! The world is now made of two kinds of entrepreneurs - One who are just asset builders for the asset managers and then, those who are building businesses because of the joy of building for chance of value creation.

    The Asset Builders: Launch your idea , so it grows 20x over 10 quarters so that someone can push the ball to institutional investors and then to retail investors - This is the business of entrepreneurship.

    The other kind : Eventual entrepreneurs, who want to prioritize living life to its fullest while building and delivering via a "sustainable business" and not a "startup".

    Both have their pros and cons - but fundamentally the other kind has more opportunity to deliver a disruptive idea.

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      Prioritize life to its fullest? I havn't seen the sun from behind the screen for weeks! :)))

      @p6r, are you a coder? What's your stack?

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        Ha ha :)

        Yes, I am coder who learnt to be salesman - inclined mostly towards RubyOnRails and Flutter for my own projects .

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          Heh. Sales skills are in high demand here :) You are welcome to join stackmuncher.

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