Looking for someone who wants's to increase their landing page conversion rate!

I am a designer, and I have been designing and optimizing a landing page for the last 2 years.

If you have a landing page, I would love to see it and use my knowledge to increase its conversion.

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    https://nfthunt.softr.app/ Its a product Hunt for NFTs

    Any ideas on how to increase conversion?

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      Sorry I can tell you about it!
      I don't know what NFTs is

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      Looks very clean! I would suggest a landing page with about, how to, cool facts, etc. to help with SEO and conversions. Would love to talk about your experience with softr sometime.

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      Here we go:

      1. Header section is good with a clear copy, but the video is distracting a lot. Instead, use a static graphic with a little bit of animation!

      2. there is some issue with the button. For example, "Begin learning" doesn't tell what will happen after clicking on it!

      • For the "Send video button", it could be improved to "Send me the content now".
      • When I am clicking on the "send video" CTA without entering email, it's not showing any error work on it also.
      1. You have good testimonials, so you can put one of them in the header section and use two or three above the second section.

      2. the second section can be improved. First of all, white text in light blue is not a good idea to use because it's tough to read.

      Also, the blue colour is not according to the WSAG contrast ratio. You can verify it from here also https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/

      It will be very beneficial if you talk about the problem, elimination of pain or desired outcome that will motivate the people to use your platform.

      1. Rather than naming this section "Your End-To-End Solution To Land The Job", You should rename it to "How we are different from others" and give solid reasons why someone chooses you among other solutions in the market.

      Overall, there is still big room for improvements in terms of design and copy.

      I hope this will help you improve your website further.

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    Thanks for doing this :)
    Here is my landing page:

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      For the header:

      1. Logo is missing, which tell a customer who are you
      2. Copy doesn't tell who is the product is for
      3. It Doesn't tell how it will solve the problem or make the people live better.
      4. Image doesn't clearly convey what it does!
      5. Contain lots of vague words like "how will the visitor turn into a customer by using a ready-to-use widget?"

      For the body:

      1. Copy is not talking about the acquisition of desired outcomes or elimination of pain.
      2. It Doesn't talk about how it is different from other products in the market.

      I think if you fix these issues, you are good enough!

      I would suggest you make a brandscript by using the storybrand framework. It will definitely help you!

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        Thanks a ton. Your feedback is immensely helpful :)
        Also, the Storybrand framework is super interesting. I am looking into it.

        The website is currently being re-designed, so I will incorporate your suggestions.

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          Rather than taking my suggestion, you should hire a copywriter to do the writing work.

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    https://compozly.com/ There you go, custom composers music (by real people) for Indie films.

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      According to my understanding: Your website gives free music to the people who need it for their personal project, right?

      Is there anything I am missing here?

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      I can't be able to open the link!

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          1. The overall design and copy are good.
          2. I like how you talked about the problem, but you forgot to talk about other similar products that solve the same kind of problem.
            Like password manager and browser, which saves passwords.

          Overall, a copy is good and easy to understand. One suggestion is rather than putting a statics image in the header; you can put a small SVG animation or a simple youtube video.

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            Thanks Rohit for your insights. Yeah, the video is under process already.

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    https://www.hammer-it.app/ - I would be super happy for some feedback! Thank you.

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      You don't have your product so far!

      But still, if you need feedback for your landing page, then here it is:

      1. Header section can be improved because it takes some time for people to understand what you do.

      2. On the page, you are not talking about user motivation and pain. Just showing your features.

      3. Website is not accessible for the people who have weak eyesight

      4. If you customer already know about you, well, then you can ignore all the points mentioned above

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    Would love some feedback! Thanks for doing this!

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    Thanks for doing this Rohit.

    Here is my landing page https://blackish.com. It is a platform/community for digital creators. The actual product is still WIP.

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      1. Focused too much on visual design rather than functional design If you don't know what is functional design, check here https://www.khadush.com/90-of-client-make-this-mistake-when-they-hire-a-designer-or-a-design-agency/

      2. Header copy doesn't explain WHAT the product/service do

      3. Doesn't tell who the product is specifically: "community for the digital creator" what is digital creator does they are designer or developer who?

      4. Not talking anything about the desired outcome specifically!

      5. Not talking about it as an advantage over other similar product in the market!

      There are lots of things to improve here!

      I will suggest you hire a good copywriter and rewrite the copy of the whole website!

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        Hi Rohit, I’m planning to rewrite the copy of my site, are you up for it?

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          Yes, I am up!

          I am not a professional copywriter tough, but I can easily point out a great copy's mistakes!

          I am sure I can definitely help you in writing a better copy and message hierarchy.

          You can ping me on [email protected]

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    Hello Rohit,

    I'm working on Dev Concepts (https://dev-concepts.dev), and have a real hard time with the landing page. Any ideas/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    I feel like the page really needs a redesign to be more convincing.


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      You are absolutely right Sébastien!

      Page can be redesigned to be more convincing but you don't need to redesign it right now(it will be a waste of your money).

      Rather than that, we have to understand the user problem first!

      Taking a first glance at the page here are few things I problems I found visually:

      1. Without telling first time user (Who are you, what you do and your value proposition) you are bombarding your user with your product.

      2. There are already many books written on this topic how this one is different from others books?

      3. If there is already gumroad page for selling product then why you did set up another landing page for it?

      4. What does it mean by 1 volume 2 volume?

      5. Social proof is looking fake!

      6. You are making it hard for your user to choose a product because there is 12 book for one topic. In psychology, it call Analysis Paralysis

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        Thanks a lot for your feedback Rohit!

        These are great points. I wonder if placing an explainer video instead of the boring book covers could help clarify the product's unique selling point.

        Basically, the point of my project is to have a single source explaining all those subjects, which is unique as far as I know; I did not see any other attempt at doing this and articulating explanations about front-end, back-end, security, infrastructure, etc in a single book or collection of books.

        Good question about the separate product pages too. Initially, I felt like the landing page (dev-concepts.dev) would be the single entry point, and that the Gumroad page would only be there to let people pay. Maybe I should instead try and integrate the Gumroad payments directly into the landing page?

        About the social proof, there isn't any actually, the bit quote is just a message I wanted to convey, not something someone else said.

        Regarding the choice, I agree, maybe I did approach this wrong. While thinking about the pricing, I initially only had one thing: the whole collection, which was much simpler. But then I thought that it would be pricy and not everyone would want everything. For instance if you're a FE dev, then FE chapters are not necessarily relevant. That's why I introduced bundles. Then a potential client asked me whether he could buy Volume X separately, which is why I introduced single volumes. Also, I saw that as a way to already sell something now, and getting feedback earlier, instead of waiting for the whole collection to be completed (which will take me a few more months of work)

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          Video will also be good, but I will suggest you hire a good copywriter and then let him rewrite the whole website content.

          Then we can talk about these things later.

          It will be much better than shooting in the dark!

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    Shoot me an email if interested, I need some fresh eyes on my jewelry project that's doing well 40k MRR, but needs fresh ideas and overhauls of ugly landing pages built on Clickfunnels.

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    My landing page is similar to the product page https://www.lelinta.com/products/wordpress-dropshipping-turnkey-store-builder how to optimize and increase its conversion rate

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      Thanks for showing interest in this post @lelinta

      I want to ask few questions:

      1. Do you want to increase conversion of only one product page or the whole website?

      According to my, there are many points at which we can increase the conversion, but I need to ask lots of questions from you and check the data.

      If you are ready, then we can schedule a call. By the way, it's free!

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        It would be better if the conversion rate of the whole website can be improved. The question is how can I make phone calls without enlish language? Do you have a diagnosis website or plan?

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          I didn't understand your question "how can I make phone calls without the English language?" can you please explain it more?

          I have a website diagnosis plan can I email you for that?

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            I don’t speak English, you can send the website diagnosis plan to my email [email protected] Thank you

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