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Looking for tech co-founder(s) to join our investment/finance start-up

Hello everyone,

We are looking for either a full-stack developer or a development team bringing front-end and back-end skills to be the technical co-founder(s) of our start-up. We anticipate this to be a fairly ambitious build and are looking for partners who are willing to bootstrap this with us (IH-style!) and hopefully make this a success!

Product: We are building an investment platform to allow for anyone to invest in private growth companies for a particular industry that has demonstrated huge growth potential ($80B in 2020, year-on-year growth). (Not Tech or Crypto).

Current Team:
Eric - PhD Domain Expert (Provides insight and network into the space)
Connor - Attorney (Makes sure we comply with all regulatory aspects)
Ben - MBA (Extensive sales and marketing experience in the space)
Developer - Is this you? :]

Please reach out to [email protected] if you or your team may be interested!

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    Looks interesting, Phoenix, what tech stack are you looking for this project

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