Looking to Partner Up February 13, 2020

Looking for the dev partner to work on the speech of Digital Human

Anna Solovyova @ASolo

Hi guys!

For the last 2 years Ive been working on the visualization of the DH and now we got pretty good and realistic models that Im planning to use as the virtual friends-caregivers for the elderly people and people with some kinds of disorders. Thats why currently Im in a big need of someone, who is good at NLP and who is interested to try himself in a challenging project.

I will be happy to meet you here or via my mail [email protected]

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    Super interesting project. Wishing you good luck and much success with it.

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      Thank you!

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    Hi Anna,

    This is interesting, I have been thinking about something similar, (Worked on chatbot project for mental health) -- I have been investing a lot of time in the past couple of years learning a lot about DL (NLP and CV) .. (done some stuff on iOS CoreML NLP models as well as my own models from scratch using Pytorch) .. and creating models and even competing on Kaggle.

    I would like to learn more if you are interested to chat about this further. My email in my profile, otherwise let me know if I should reach out directly using your email. I am from Dublin, Ireland btw.

    here is a post i just posted about me :