Looking for VP of growth for SaaS - Delivery Optimization Software

Hey everyone,

We are looking for a VP of growth co-founder for our SaaS product. This position will be equity-based until we receive pre-seed or are able to pay via revenue.

We just launched fleet55.com this past Monday. It's a delivery Optimization Software that focuses on replacing the dispatcher.

A few things we do:

  • Reduce route creation from 5-7 hours to under 5 minutes
  • Provide Amazon-style shipping link to end consumer
  • Driver app where manifests/routes are received and routes completed
  • Driver metrics
  • Route taken by drivers
  • Live map view
  • And we have a few things in the pipeline.

About the team:
We have 4 team members along with an Advisor (former CMO of Amazon Elemental). All 4 members have worked in logistics in one way or another.

We just started our customer acquisition at release- and we do have a few intros in the pipeline to enterprise and retail chains.

Your responsibilities would be to oversee all customer acquisition and to start getting clients yourself before we can build a sales/marketing team. This role does require experience in growth/sales.

Email is the best way to contact if interested: [email protected]

Looking forward to talking!

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    Very nice project! I'm seeing it with great future here in Brazil. We have a huge logistic problem.

    About the position: Can you explain more details about the responsabilities?

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      Sounds like you are based in Brazil correct?
      We are a US-based operation but we can definitely find a fit for you.

      What we can offer is a 50% lifetime commission-based contract. A typical client is $450-$1,000/month. You'd be getting half for as long as any clients you bring in stay with us. We would take care of customer support and everything after you make the intro to that company.

      If you're interested, email me at: [email protected] to get a zoom call set up to get to know each other and walk through details.

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        Sounds good! I will be in touch!


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    Hi Mike,

    You have a great product there — you'll go far with that offering, which will also improve even further as it evolves I'm sure. A great initial team as well by the sounds of it.

    I have skills across web design, front-end development, email marketing, PPC (Google and social media), SEO, ASO, social media, and video. Is that any good for you?


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      Hey Dan,

      It's too early to say what may or may not be a good fit as far as funnels go. We are starting to test the 19 funnels we identified including some of the ones you've mentioned.
      We are building a sales team currently- as we do think that will be a powerful tool moving forward (but we are still in early testing with sales)

      The best move forward would be to hop on a Zoom call for 30 minutes and just get to know each other and see if we are a good fit.

      Can you email me at: [email protected]
      We can get something set up.

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    You offer an exciting option. Specialists in the field of logistics are always precious. I've worked with many good specialists in this field, and I can say that they are very good and competent people. Moreover, there is always great interest in specialists with international education. I think you should make a more specific proposal to interest specialists.
    Nevertheless, there must be a suitable environment for work. While this is obvious, I had to work in an office where there were always problems with OS and slow work. I used Drivers Radar to fix the driver bug, but it's definitely not an issue for the staff!

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      Who are the specialists you mentioned? My mind went directly to dispatchers and operation managers.

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    Why don't job postings ever include info about salary?

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      In our case- we haven't secured funding yet and don't have enough revenue to pay a salary, as mentioned in the post. So we can't pinpoint the salary, but we can talk about equity.

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