Looking for Webflow Designer/Developer

Hey! 👋

I'm looking for a Webflow designer/developer to join me and help me work on multiple projects. This is a remote and part-time (per project) gig. I just want to set clear expectations and highlight that I am an independent designer and developer, and not an agency. At this point, I started having more clients/projects that I can handle on my own, so I am looking for someone to help me out.

To work with me you don’t need to be an expert, solid knowledge and willingness to learn is enough. You would work closely with me, and I would give you all the instructions needed and help you if you get stuck.

What I am looking for from you:

  • Ability to build a website from scratch in Webflow or work with an existing template
  • Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Strong communication skills (regular communication and being open to jump in a call with me when needed)

Bonus traits:

  • Experience using Figma
  • Previous usage of JavaScript
  • Have experience with other no-code tools such as Airtable, Zapier, Memberstack, etc.

To apply for this job role, just fill out this short Google form that won’t take you more than 2 minutes to complete https://forms.gle/WJTy92t483rYUwpt9

Peace! ✌️

  1. 1

    Hi. Just submitted the form. Hoping to speak soon.

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    Hey @plavookac, I have just submitted the application to you ;-) Have a great day and chat soon. Steve

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