Looking for your next business idea? 💡 I just launched Daily Domain Ideas on Product Hunt! 🎉

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    I like it. I did domain reselling in 2014 but at that time I was not aware too much.

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      Thank you for checking it out! Curious to know what made to stop with domain reselling? Thanks again! 🌟@aligly

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        Just I bought lots of domain and waiting customer will come to me to buy domain. But it fails then I learn we have to approach customer by marketing, social marketing, emailing, and use domaining forum to disccussing about them. It works in same way as we sell our product. I was not to much dedicated as today I am about my aligly website builder

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    Great to see people launching things! Congratulations!

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      Thanks Jay, I'm excited! ✨@jaypozo

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    Hahaha love it. Upvoted! ;)

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      Thank you so much Lucas! 🤩 @llimabr

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    The designs are awesome!, I like it, good luck!

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      Thank you so much Victor! Doing the designs is one of the parts I enjoy the most with this app 🤩 so I truly appreciate your feedback, thanks! @vicjicama

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    Interesting idea, @norahsakal!

    My only question is...does the best idea for a business come from a domain that's just happens to become available? How likely is it that an IHer will start and build a successful business based on a random domain they buy?

    I think this is pretty unlikely. Much more likely to get a good business idea from the founder solving a problem they personally have, their community has, etc.

    But I could see this idea being successful for a subset of business owners: niche website owners. People who focus on building our sites in certain industries, driving traffic video SEO and monetizing the site (community, affiliate links, memberships, services, product, etc).

    My friend Matt does this for a few different industry-specific sites over at MoneyLab.

    So...I think this is actually an awesome tool for niche website owners, but maybe not the general group of folks looking for their next business idea. I think this might get more traction if it dialed in on this subgroup, as I feel like they're always looking for the next website they want to blow up and what's stopping them is not having enough passion in a subdomain to really launch a site around it. This could give them a continual flow of ideas until they see one they're into that could be a good niche opportunity. Probably something they'd pay for too if it came with some authority/SEO/growth opportunity analysis (this domain has been active for 15 years, etc).

    Anyway, just my two cents. Keep up the good work! :)

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      P.S. Upvoted on PH :)

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        I recently wrote a blog post about how I trained a machine learning algorithm to help out with finding good domain ideas.

        Check it out if you'd like to know more of how it's built;
        How do you teach an algorithm what a good .com domain is? 🤖

        TLDR; I trained a LinearSVC to predict good .com domains with 0.74 accuracy. @joeheadbuff

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          This is really cool! :D

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      Thank you so much for your thoughts, Joe! Also, thanks for sharing the link to MoneyLab, I checked it out, and it is a great inspiration.

      I totally agree with focusing on niche website owners, and I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

      When I first built the tool, I hoped to provide a site that users could come back to daily for ideas. Perhaps not necessarily for that specific expired domain they saw, but spur inspiration for a new idea/product/business. But as I've been sharing the site, I've been receiving feedback about focusing on that niched subgroup you mentioned.

      I LOVE building apps, but I'm pretty new to building stuff in public, so I'm not quite sure where/how to find this subgroup (yet), so I really appreciate you mentioning MoneyLab, a great inspiration to niching down!

      Once again, thank you so much for sharing your feedback and thoughts - truly helpful! 🙏🙏 @joeheadbuff

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    Hey Norah, congrats on the launch! I do something similar with my newsletter,

    I am also curious to know your logic for collecting these domains.
    Congrats on the launch again!

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      Thank you for checking it out Thejas!
      I had a look at your newsletter, and I'm impressed with you finding 10 new domains daily. Good job! 🙌

      I actually trained a machine learning algorithm to help with collecting good domains. I recently wrote a blog post about it, and it is working fairly good;
      How do you teach an algorithm what a good .com domain is? 🤖

      TLDR; I trained a LinearSVC to predict good .com domains with 0.74 accuracy.

      I also have a bunch of cron jobs that wake up once every hour/night, and they do all my social media posts.

      Thanks again! 🙏 @Thejas

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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      Thanks for checking it out Miika! 🙏 @miikavonbell

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