Looking to brainstorm ideas

Hey everyone,

Been lurking for a while now, but decided to post something after all these months. I have no exact idea, and I actually struggle a lot with finding one that excites me, but I can't stop feeling we can do more on sustainable development and environmental-friendly solutions in many areas.

I've been working on the IT industry for a few years now, having a background in Economics. Business and Entrepreneurship have been two things I always appreciated, but it's a path that takes courage to go through and I want to find projects I'm excited about to take my chances.

Anyway, if you have projects aimed toward sustainable development, closing the gaps between technology and agriculture, and if you're interested in getting a techy/geeky guy involved, kindly let me know.

Thanks for your time!

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    Always interested in brainstorming new ideas. Feel free to add me on Twitter or LinkedIn. :)

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      Thanks for replying. I will add you :)

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    Hi, I'm a x3 entrepreneur, have sold my 3 companies, one of them to a Private Equity. I have a background in developer but that was long ago. For the last 10 years I' have been running the companies, defining their strategies...

    I'm happy to jump on a call to meet other restless minds.

    Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or twitter (you can find them in my profile), and let's set up a call when it is convenient.


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      Thanks for replying. Will do!

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    Same here, interested in brainstorming.

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