Looking to chat with Saas founders!

Hi IH,

I'm Richard, I previously sold a startup in the publishing space and would love to learn more about Saas companies that are at the $1k - $5k MRR stage. I'm looking to understand more about the challenges facing (micro) Saas companies and learn more about the business dynamics overall.

I'd also be happy to share my experience scaling two different startups in publishing/e-commerce to seven-figure annual revenue.

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    Hey Richard…. I m working on Brightpod.com. It’s been many years that I m at it but might need to shift directions soon. Cheers!

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    Fall into that category on a few projects.
    Also working on a project tailored towards helping SaaS stakeholders of all types.

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    Hey @Snowpine, here's my product, ruttl

    If you feel that's interesting to you, just ping me a message at [email protected]!

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      Sent you an email!

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    Hey my SaaS falls into this category, ping me if you're interested :)

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      Love the open roadmap + validation on the front page! Can you dm me on twitter? https://twitter.com/snowingpines

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    Hey, I deal with SaaS founders daily and happy to have a chat next week if I fit the category: https://getrhys.com

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      Would love to! Can you send me a DM on twitter - https://twitter.com/snowingpines

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