Looking to create a crypto token?

Hi indiehacks!
I've been getting really into crypto lately - been since 2015 but now is more of a personal hobby and I have an idea related to my current business and would love to know if someone is down to create a new coin/token?

Happy to chat more about it with anyone that's looking to get into the crypto world.

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    Hello, I'm also interested in crypto. I've done some coding before and I know a thing or two about marketing. I'm based in Finland and my discord is "PoliisiTule#7146" if you'd want to talk further.

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    Hi, I'm also currently looking to start my own crypto token. I'm a web developer, but I know a thing or two about marketing.
    If you're interested mail is
    [email protected]
    my LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-smith-629b7720a/

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      thanks John - replied via email!

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    @theTixsTeam though I won't be of any help here, but I'm a newbie trying to learn about crypto.

    You obviously seem to know way more than I do. Can you recommend any particular sources where I can learn about crypto in depth? Before I invest large amounts, I want to understand the technologies itself.

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      @harshvija of course, happy to help! I'm not an expert by any means but once you start digging in, there's a whole world out there - and be careful with coinscams!
      I use brave browser and usually visit these pages for pricing and info
      Just read a lot and get informed! Hope this helps

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        This is very useful!
        I will check out all of the websites you listed. Thanks a lot!

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