Looking to partner-up for a viable e-commerce idea


I'm a designer running a fairly successful design studio in India (www.smarterthanawaffle.com) and also sell a card game as a profitable side-business (www.cardsvssanskaar.com). During the pandemic I revived my childhood interest in programming and learnt the MEAN/MERN stack and developed a remote.io clone to test my knowledge. Can confirm, it works great!

Learning development (till a certain level at least) has opened up a world of possibilities for me. I'm nowhere near an expert in anything tech but a super fast learner and quite enterprising.

I have an idea for a e-commerce project that I see a lot of potential in, especially in the design and creative community. I'm now looking to partner up with someone closely to develop the tech (it is relatively simple, far as I can tell), research and market the product.

I am fairly speedy with React, relatively slow with the backend technologies but I have the basic concepts nailed. I have been designing brands and interfaces for the last 6 years, have marketed my card game and know a bunch of people who'd hop onto this product soon as its live. It will be awesome to partner with someone with experience in e-commerce tech, but I guess that's not necessity.

Please drop me an email at [email protected] or comment here and let's partner up!

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    [email protected] railgaadi please reach out to me on that mail I am super interested and I'd like to hear what you have on the table I have 4 to 5 years experience playing around with technologies and proferring solutions and I am a very passionate individual

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      Hey Paaber. Thanks for your comment. I just shot off an email to you to discuss this further!

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    Hi railgaadi, you might not need a backend person with your skillset and using the right tools. You can use something like payloadcms.com to build out the backend for your app and just worry about making the site in the tools you're already familiar with. Good luck!

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