Looking to sell my Laravel / PHP Resource Site

Hello All,

Last year during lockdown I decided to create BestOfLaravel.com a resource site for Laravel / PHP developers to find new tips, tutorials, videos, courses, books and more.

It started a place to store and share resources I came across. A few weeks on people started using the site and asked if I could share these links to resources on social media, so I decided to create social media pages and a FB group. All these pages & groups have been steadily growing.

I am at a point where this side project takes up quite a bit of my time. And I do not know how to monetize this site or grow it any larger with the limited time I can spend on it. So I have decided to sell it to someone who can continue what I have been doing with the site, and hopefully more.

What's included in the sale

  1. Domain name (bestoflaravel.com)
  2. Source code (Laravel, Tailwind)
  3. Current database with over 1500 learning resources, all tagged & categorized
  4. A small emaillist with around 100 emails
  5. Social Media pages
  6. A Facebook Group with over 2000 members
  7. Newly created discord channel
  8. I can help you setup this site on a server

I do not know how to price this offer, since I did not spend much for it except my free time. So if you have a fair price in mind do let me know.

If you're interested please reach out to me at [email protected]
Or if you have feedback, do share them below.

Thank You

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