Looking to start your blogging journey? Consider these for a kickstart. Happy blogging 🤘

Here are some thoughts for those who are thinking to start with their blogs.

  • consider wordpress powered blog on your real name dot com. If this is not international or memorable, then use something else (my case)

  • if posting on medium, google canonical links

  • setup newsletter signup form, don't underestimate newsletters. Check mailchimp, substack, convertkit

  • create nice looking social sharing preview cards.. check "pablo from buffer", "stencil"

  • don't just jump around and post your links once you've published, that won't bring visitors. I've wrote some tips how to promote your blog posts if you're under 100 subscribers (link)

  • include reading time information, people are busy they want to know how much time it will take away from them

  • don't crowd your blog with unnecessary visual wordpress plugins (providing you go with wp)

  • leverage wp plugins that do a work "in the background" (such as optimising images, fighting comment spam etc)

  • select some of the popular free wp themes, they tend to be highly customizable and they can do amazing work

  • Create a bank of ideas, wherever you have something in mind, jot it down in some form of the list. That's how you'll know what to write about next. Here's mine

  • blog posts doesn't have to be long, don't be like "ah i need more material on that blog"

  • editing is the key, remove unnecessary words, sentences

  • Outline the shape of the article, write down subheadings somewhere to see the overall flow. You can be lost if you start at one point without clear mind where you are going.

  • write for yourself. You never know where it will end. My old article was used as a lecture material at the University of Liverpool (link)

Ok, that would be from me. It should be enough for you to kickstart. Happy blogging

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    Thanks,it will go a long way

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    Solid tips. Thanks for sharing!

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    Great article, Thanks for sharing.

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    Hey @brunor - This is a really helpful article - as are the links to your previous post. Thanks.

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      thanks, I'm glad you liked it

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