Looking to Partner Up February 12, 2020

Looking to work on an interesting/impactful Idea as a Co-Founder/CTO.


Hey Guys, been lurking around IH for a while now and saw so many great people helping each other out which is amazing!

I have been working as the sole Founder/CTO of my Startup - QueNews, which is a News Summarization and Narration app for more than 5 languages. QueNews will be shutting down in Mid-Feb due to lack of traction. A great leasson in my opinion, towards success.

I can help you build your Product as a CTO/CoFounder.

Lets talk about any Ideas you have!

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    @bat_man I have a couple ideas that I want to build. Maybe you are interested. Reach me on Linkedin in https://www.linkedin.com/in/snisnik/

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      @snisnik sent you a connection request on LinkedIn!

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    Hey bat_man

    Will you be interested to work on an app which makes users Indistractable?

    It will help users build habits with the irrational tendencies of loss aversion.

    I have built www.impulsezero.io with a friend, this is another app in the Series.


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      Hey @iamvshal, yesss, surprisingly enough, I was having thoughts of building something similar - like an anti-procrastination app.

      Do you have discord or LinkedIn? Would love to chat further and work on something!


      Ananay B.

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        Hey guys, would love to jump into the discord and chat as well - building a similar app myself right now (basic prototype) around focusing effort and concentration.

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          @ryban3z @iamvshal, here's my discord - abat235#6270, would love to get to know your viewpoints and work together!

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    hi bat_man - got a few ideas I've been working on in the medical/health tech space based on my experience going through cancer treatment. Depending if that's interesting I would be happy to share, jam on it and see where it goes. DM me at [email protected], or https://www.linkedin.com/in/ariakerstein/ if you're still in the market. The ideas are still in conceptual, basic wireframe stage but I've been focusing efforts on validation to ensure the right thing gets built.

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      Hey Ari, sent you a connection request on LinkedIn! Would love to chat further about what you have in mind!

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    Hi bat_man,

    I am working on an online community to upload funny videos and stories.If you might find that interesting, let´s chat.

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    Hi I have a idea for an social network of sorts would love to discuss if we can work together

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      Hi Ayesh. I have built a dating site in PHP. https://mysazam.tk, I would appreciate if you may be interested in working with me in that line.

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        Great would love to discuss further

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    Hi bat_man.

    Sounds like you got some nice learnings out of QueNews. - And the idea sounded solid!

    I'm a serial entrepreneur and proven product leader myself, currently ideation on my next venture in the MarTech-domain, specifically making it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to tap into digital marketing, by drafting digital marketing campaigns across channels automatically and intelligent distribution.

    I'm curious to hear more about you. - You can catch me on [email protected]

    Or linkedIn at : https://www.linkedin.com/in/steffenbilde/

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      Hi @bilde @bat_man .

      I am a recent graduate and an electrical engineer at a power utility. I don’t have any entrepreneurship experience or coding background but I’ve been trying to find resources which is how I stumbled on this website today.

      The idea of helping small and medium size businesses tap into digital marketting is one that I have been trying to work on and I’ll definitely love to join you guys.



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      Hey @bilde, thanks for responding! Sent you a connection request on LinkedIn. Lets chat soon!

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    Hi there! We are building marketing planning automation solution and could use some front-end dev help! We currently work with VueJS, bootstrap, Django, also have elements in Wordpress. Backend is in Python, we use AI & machine learning frameworks. Let me know if this is something of interest to you ;)

    My email is [email protected]

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    Hey bat_man,

    I'm working on a travel startup that uses algorithm to create packages from the user's budget. If this is sounds interesting, we should connect. You can also learn more from the co-founder page we made: https://trameter.launchaco.com/

    My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/perewaripere/

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    Hey there,

    My team and I are currently working on a media tool for newsrooms - looking for another partner to join. Additionally, would be keen to see if/how the tech behind QueNews could fit in, and see if we could commercialize it.

    Let me know how we could connect - shoot me an email at [email protected]

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    I am working on http://stream.oqqur.com

    If you might find that interesting, I would love to chat.

    200+ prelaunch streamers

    MVP out in 2 weeks, need someone to help me make it a rocket-ship

    Alex at oQQur.com

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      Hey, lets connect on LinkedIn! https://www.linkedin.com/in/ananay-batra/

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    Let's connect!

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      Shooting an email rn

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        I didn't get anything

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