Looking to write engaging copy for your product for free

I'm a writer/journalist trying to get into copywriting.

If you're a cofounder whose website/product could use more engagement, I'd love to write up some copy that will help you improve your KPIs.

The only catch is that I'd like to include any work I do in my portfolio that I can show to employers.

I'm more than happy to provide examples of writing for marketing I've done on request. You can also check out news articles I've written here: https://technode.com/author/louis-hinnant/

Looking forward to working together.

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    Hi Louis;
    Thanks a lot for your kind offer.
    Can you write engaging copy for my product appsupports.co?

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    Thank you for the kind offer, Louis. I think our texts are not too bad, but some have criticized that they're too long. Maybe you could try to improve/shorten them?


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      Awesome site.

      We use an alternate product. But it is nice to see all the competition happening in the analytics space finally. Atleast for me Google Analytics was always way too complicated to use. Hoping the new breed of analytics software does not need a Phd to use! Can't wait to see how your product evolves.

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        Thank you, Prashant! :)

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    Hey Louis,

    Looks like you've got quite the response on this post. If you're interested in edgy tech around college social networking, I think it would be something unique and different for you to take on.

    Email me: [email protected] if you're interested.

    Cheers and good luck.

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    Hi all, I didn't expect to receive this many replies, will try to get back to as many as possible, but will take a while.

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    Hi Louis :D Thanks for doing this.

    Seems like you got more than you can chew, but I'll leave you my product to review just in case 😄.


    Cheers my man!!

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    Thanks for this generous offer.
    Can you please check up
    I believe it still needs improvement

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    Figured I'd throw my hat into the ring, too :)

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      Hi Nick,

      The site looks really solid, couldn't find much to improve on except maybe include more copy that makes clear why a site visitor should use your platform over others. If possible, make comparisons to competitors and highlight where you have an advantage. Another option: I saw you have just the one testimonial and it'd be a great way to knock out two birds with one stone and showcase a couple more where your client goes into detail about how your platform was better and different than others they've used. Also check your "get report same-day" text box :)

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    Hey Louis!
    I'm helping people like you with my project JuniorJobsOnly.com. I just run practices that help them get first clients, employment.

    Please contact me if you're interested in writing some copy for my awesome products (I've got few): [email protected]

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      Hi Dawid, just emailed you.

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    Thanks for doing this, can you check remoteleaf.com and suggest your feedback.

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    Hi Louis - Thanks for your generous offer!

    Here's my product https://getstreamkit.com
    I'm no good at writing copy so any help is appreciated :)

    You can absolutely use any copywriting you do on the site for a portfolio.

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    Would love it if you check out submark: https://submark.co

    Thank you in advance for the opportunity.

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    Hi Louis, thank you for making this kind offer available to the IH community. Would love to work with you on https://www.turtleos.com/ or on https://www.match.dev/ if you're up for it!

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    Hi Louis, would you be able to write a copy for privjs.com?

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    Hi Louis,
    What a generous offer! If you have the time it would be great if you wrote about my Minimillr CNC Routers - see https://minimillr.com/ I could do with more visitors on the webpage. :-)

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    Hey Louis. Would love to have you work on a copy for CASGuru. Let me know if you're interested. Take a look https://casguru.com

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    Hey Louis,

    I recently launched an online course for auto detailers to learn how to market their businesses. I'd love your feedback on how to improve detailersgrowth.com. Thank you!

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    Hey, Louis!

    This is a great offer from you :)
    If you are interested to write about our automation app, it would be great. Here is an URL for inspiration: https://www.febooti.com/automation/ftp/

    P.S. Also, we will include your name and photo in the article ;)

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    hello there, this is so cool offer. Would you consider checking our startup lynkfire.com. I personally love to work with you.

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    Hey Louism copywriting is a very profitable skill and good for you for getting into it.
    If you are interested we can write copy for my product https://bubtitle.com.

    Or shoot me a text at https://twitter.com/codenerd39

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    Hey Louis,
    Would love it if you could take a look at Slate and write your version of the copy for it.

    It's currently in a soft launch state, and your help would be really appreciated!

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    Hi Louis,

    Please do for mine luntry.com

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    Louis that is great!

    It would be great if you could manage produce something for my Project. It is just about to be really released so it would be a real help!


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    Hi Louis,
    We've recently launched amialive.co and we are now focused on marketing and promotion.

    Our background is mostly technical, so any help regarding copywriting would be highly appreciated.

    Feel free to ping me if you are interested!

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    I'd be game! 100% Let me know what you need from me!

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    Hi Louis, I'd love to chat with you about what we're doing and get your take on whether you think you can help us - and happy to have you use any work in your portfolio (we love supporting people getting into new realms!).

    You can take a look at our websites: https://trustmetryx.com or https://brainware-partners.com and choose either one (or both)!

    Let me know if you'd be interested!

    Cheers, Elena

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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