Loop Core Functionality

this is my first update here...hope I get it right

we've been working towards core functionality complete so we can move on to optimization of the fun parts: connected items and search optimization

this past week we implemented a bunch of fixes to detail panels, twitter and teams integrations, keyboard shortcuts and other various fixes. lots of work on messaging and new landing page

would love some feedback on the new landing page here:
and the new messaging here:

Focused content from the tools you already use.
Unified. Simplified. Organized
So you can work on what matters most.
Rule the Day with Loop

this week I hope to complete slack threads, keyboard multi-select, some filter fixes.

  1. 1

    the design looks great! are you working on the coding side or the design?

    for design feedback, may be try posting in Landing Page Feedback group for more comments?

    other than that, are you facing any struggles/challenges right now? I'm guessing the product is in the development phase?

    1. 2

      thank you
      product is actually live - loophq.com
      let me know if you want a walkthrough or a promo code :)

      I'm the founder but am non-technical so putting this together is like herding cats!

      I will check out landing page feedback - thank you

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