Self Care February 2, 2020

Lost 4 High Paying Clients in a week


So, I'm a freelancer who has been writing blogs and articles while I work on my main hustle. I also suffer from anxiety, addiction, and mental health issues. I had a bad week and was completely unable to meet deadlines for a whole week on multiple projects.
4 clients who used to pay well pulled out.
I feel devastated now. Right when I was making progress, I fucked it all up again. This has been a pattern in my life. I can't seem to hold on to a good thing.

EDIT: Thank you everyone for the kind words. I've drafted a plan to find more clients and continue on my journey. This community is very supportive and I'm extremely thankful for all of you.

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    I don't know the answer. But, sometimes talking about these things can get them off of your chest and will lighten the load. It won't make the problems disappear, but it might give you a fresh perspective on solutions. Check out:

    It just launched to bring tech workers together to help each other and overcome some of the burdens and pitfalls associated with our line of work. There might be someone onboard that is facing similar issues and can help with a level of understanding.

    Again, I don't know the answer, but I do know that you aren't the only one feeling this way.

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    I'm sorry man, but this event is now in the past. All you can do is move forward. I believe no one gets just one chance at success. This doesn't have to be the end, just a new beginning.

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    Sorry to hear this Homie. Some good suggestions there from others. Try to persevere and learn some lessons to help avoid a similar situation coming up again.

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    Freelancing can be stressfull, it need proper time management, and try to delegate some task to other freelancer, that will save a lot of your time.

    Make sure to have a right contract, that will save a lot of your time from bad client, who demanding revision without additional payment.

    I was in same situation before, take a break for a while and start again, learn from your previous mistake.

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    Hey I don’t know either, but maybe you need more structured life with standard job. freelancing could be really stressful.

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    Sorry to hear. Being freelancer requires to perform at your best. Being an entrepreneur is even more intense and stressful.

    Maybe try to take it easy for a while, get a low stress job that will bring steady income. There is a right time for everything in life.

    Take care.

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    Hey Homie,
    Sorry to hear. But don't worry, this too shall pass. Stay put and spend some time learning what has gone wrong, what could have been done differently and try to implement things differently.

    Remember - when things will turn good, I am sure they will - keep times like this in mind. Keep yourself grounded, keep inventing and helping others. (I am sure no-one would want to be in this situation again, ever! )

    Good luck buddy.

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    use it as an opportunity to learn and improve and do better...