Lots of Traffic not so Many Sales

I have just launched Hawa Ink - a semi permanent tattoo brand. The traffic and response has been great so far but sales are as yet dwindling. Do you have any recommendations to make people trust the site more or perhaps understand more about the ink?

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    Just from first glance, I am rather confused. Looks like a bottle of something you'd drink, then I realized okay this is tattoo ink, and then I couldn't tell if this was something you peel and stick or how the design you purchase equals a tattoo.

    I don't think it's a trust issue at all, your site looks really good. I just think it's a confusion-related issue.

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    Could you post the link?

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        Where is your traffic coming from? If they are mostly bouncing from the home page maybe its not a high quality traffic source. If its organic search or qualified leads you'll know to focus on building trust and removing friction from your site.

        My recommendation would be talk to your users and ask them. Low conversions can happen for any number of reasons and you could easily invest a tonne of time and energy into fixing the wrong thing.

        You could reach out to people on the site using a tool like Intercom. I'd incentivize users to give you feedback (amazon gift card or something like that).

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    Hey, Inday

    Target your main page where your product your is ready to sell and people don't waste time on the website for buying a product after search so, for target the main page where your product existing that could be great for you. firest categories your product... if you're targeting home page then forget to sell...


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    I agree with JackRead. I think trying to identify who your users are and what they want is the way to go.
    For me, the website would be more convincing if it had more details about the ink and why it is different from competitors (is it safer, made with good products, etc...). But this is not my thing. Your users are the best ones to tell you what they want.

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    How many sales are you getting compared to the traffic? Or do you know what your conversion rate is?

    I'm tempted by it myself, my main question is how safe is the product. I can't see a (quick) answer to that. I wouldn't buy until I felt it was safe.

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