May 1, 2019

Low key


Just a question, @csallen ~ what's the best way that you've seen for people to do a low-key promotion of their newly launched app? I was thinking of on the IH platform specifically, but if another idea pops into your head first please tell me.

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    What hypotheses are you operating under for why your business will be a success, which of them are you certain of, and which of them still need testing? How many people do you have using your app currently, and how will adding more people help test your hypotheses? Who's your target customer? Do you have any runway constraints where you need results ASAP or you're read?

    This info would all be super helpful in answering this question.

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      1. Some people use prepaid data SIM cards.

      2. Some prepaid SIMs set prices per Gigabyte that are too expensive.

      3. Some people get annoyed by running out of data, then either having no access or having to buy more.

      4. People will pay to get more from their data.

      5. People will be okay with "using a web browser" to use web sites and apps in a way that saves them data.

      Uncertain hypotheses:

      1. Some people will be okay with getting more out of their data by seeing a very plane, "text only" version of web sites and web apps.

      Zero people using paid. Less than 10 signed up for free demo version.

      Target customer: budget-conscious travelers (group too big, need to be more specific, not sure yet).

      Runway constraints: not really in terms of COGS but yes in terms of feeling low motivation without validation of paid customers.