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Lurker as a Service - Feedback about Indie Hackers

Leo Nagano @Leo

After reading a new RosieLand issue, I was inspired to create a feedback about the IH community, which is part of the Lurker as a Service that @rosiesherry mentioned.



Linkedin is not the most loved social platform by indie hackers. Loads of undesired new connection requests. People only selling things.

I've seen many indie hackers struggling with sales to medium/big companies. Most buyers/decision-makers have a Linkedin profile and engage in the platform. I think Indie Hackers is a established brand and could help indie hackers, building a community on Linkedin the same we have on Twitter? There's space for growth. Today, Linkedin represents only 0.2% of total the traffic on

Where I'd start?

  • Creating a community on Linkedin
  • Inviting indie hackers to write posts on Indie Hackers profile/group. The post would share interesting content, not sales, not self-promotion. Amazing content only.
  • Repurposing interesting Indie Hackers posts to Linkedin, linking back to original post on
  • Post questions, also repurposed for Indie Hacker group of users on Linkedin, which might be different from Twitter


  • Wouldn't change anything, just double down as it's working amazingly. Still space to growth though, as Twitter represents only 3.8% of total visits (SimilarWeb)


  • More and more new users coming to the website, some or even most of the them feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start. There's too much going on on Start here page. Maybe an onboarding page where user chooses what they want and receives suggested groups/posts to start?
  • I've seen many questions being repeated over and over again. Maybe group them somehow and when people are creating a new post (question) show related ones
  • Implement DM (one of the most requested features?)
  • Discourage self-promotion when new user (using points)?
  • Use points on profile somewhere else on website

New ideas

  • Create courses for indie hackers specifically where they struggle the most. Marketing? Sales?
  • Build courses/ebooks Indie Hackers branded in partnership with indie hackers? This will promote and help indie creators
  • Bring/invite role-model indie hackers to work in partnership with new indie hackers somehow.

What do you think? Do you have more ideas on how to make Indie Hackers even better?

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    If you can make a LinkedIn group and make it a place where IHers would get additional traffic from people who haven't seen their product before, I'm all in.

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