Growth May 22, 2020

Made 118 sales in the first month since launch

Musharof Chowdhury @musharof

Its been a month since LineIcons 2.0 launched 🚀 Here is the recap of the first month -

🎁 7455 Free Version Downloaded

📦 118 PRO Version Sold

⚡Got featured on so many design inspiration sites and newsletters including
Muzli and WebDesignerDepot

😻 516 upvotes on ProductHunt (still 8th, IDK why)

🙏Received tons of feedback and icon requests from users, hope to add them in the next update.

👉 If you dont know about LineIcons:

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    Crazy numbers for your first month! Congrats!

    1. 1

      Thanks man, I think our existing userbase helped a lot to reach there. As we started in 2018 there is already good number of people was already using it.

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    Congrats @musharof. Great to see a success story like this. Keep up the great work!

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      Thanks for the appreciation, best wishes for your projects too 😊

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    Nice one

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      Thanks :)

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    Congratulations bro.

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      Thanks dude!

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    Nice work, do you know how long has it taken you to create that many icons?

    By the way I might contact you in the future to see if you would be interested in selling your icon set in the built-in store of my app,

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      Thanks Gilli, it took almost 2yrs to came here. We normally update once in six months. Thanks for showing your interest 😊

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    Congratulations bhai :)

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      Thanks bro, nice to meet you here 😀

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    Congrats dude. BTW does UIdeck still bring revenue ?

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      Thanks. Yes, it does. Its our main focus now :)

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    That's really impressive Musharof!

    I would make it more obvious that you offer a PRO version (I saw the mobile website). Maybe something like: download free icon and buy PRO.

    Congrats again!

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      Thanks dude. Yes, we offer a PRO version besides free version.

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    Wow - the icons look beautiful! How did you create so many? Do designers start from scratch or some pre defined template and add their own spin to it?

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      Good to know you liked them 😊 designed from scratch bro. We defined our own style, icons were not that much clean before. We fixed them gradually by updates 😅